London tech week event in 2020

London Tech Week Event

Ideas and innovation can be more refined when they are shared and discussed, what better platform than a tech conference to present and share your thoughts!

There are 100s of technology events held globally every year, so how do you decide which to attend? Our London web design team at Blue Whale Media have been looking over the best tech events happening this year and London Tech Week has been rescheduled for September, here’s why you should be attending:

What is London Tech Week?

London Tech Week is an annual event showcasing innovation and success in Europe’s leading technology hub. Global Leaders attend to share expertise and knowledge in hundreds of venues across London.

Attending tech events such as London Tech Week is one of the fastest ways to boost your business and also another way to stay up-to-date in the tech world.

In Numbers

Last year’s London Tech Week was the biggest and most inclusive event, yet it has many visitors from more than 95 countries. However, this year’s event aims to be more ambitious. Tech conferences present you with an opportunity to market your business ideas in other cultures, especially when you can connect with many different people from businesses in other countries.

Here’s the event in numbers

  • 58,000 attendees
  • 300 million social reach
  • 54 million online, broadcast and print reach

2020 London Tech Week

This year’s London Tech Week has had to be rearranged from June to September due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 2020’s London Tech Week will bring together unrivaled speakers and global partners to facilitate discussions and drive change strategies.

This year’s event is hoping to feature the ‘Feature of Work Summit,’ ‘Leaders in Tech Summit’ and ‘Createtech 2020’ plus many more.

Why should you attend London Tech Week?

The annual Tech Week brings together thousands of tech enthusiasts to network and learns more with demonstrations, workshops and debates. This year’s event will mainly focus on converting science and creative minds; many businesses from corporates to grass-roots, startups and scale-ups will be involved. London Tech Week is supported bu the most influential tech leaders in the industry; they are advocates of entrepreneurship and innovation, working to help shape the future of the festival.

Why it’s essential to attend Tech Events?

Especially with the tech industry, being active within that industry means you can develop a reputation as an expert to your peers and clients. Just one tech event or conference can bring a positive turn-around to your business. Tech Events also allow you to connect further with other companies and establish your business in other countries if you choose to go to events abroad. You can find a whole new perspective to the table, especially when it comes to tech because the industry is expanding every day!

In this digital age, where just about anything can be done remotely, but nothing beats attending a conference in person. Apart from gaining insights and gaining knowledge, conferencing like London Tech Week, are the most natural path to get to know new people.