A growing emphasis on more long form content in 2020

In 2019, content remained king in Google’s eyes. Throughout the year, search engines continued to favour websites that place focus and importance on the quality of their on page content. Interestingly, towards the end of 2019, there was a shift towards supporting long form content.

Businesses are always searching for new and effective ways to get the upper hand on their competition. Through long form content businesses and brands can effectively connect with their target demographic with detailed and intricate researched and written content. By choosing to follow the trend of long form content writing, brands can create fresh and engaging content.

As always: quality is key

The first thing that every content creator must prioritise is the quality of their content. Long content does not mean that you can ramble on in your content and create a padded and fluffed article. If you are committing to long form content, it is vital that you research and understand your subject in great detail. More than ever it is vital that you produce target driven and well researched and supported content. With thousands of articles, blogs and web pages littering the internet every day, your content must stand out for users and Google crawlers for the right reasons. Expertly crafted, long form content can elevate your page above your competitors and

Why is content getting longer?

In previous years, content creators have favoured short and snappy content. This is because we have been trained to respond better to short form content as it caters to short attention spans by offering us direct information upfront.

However, the general consensus is shifting and changing amongst content creators to favour long form content as it allows us to incorporate more calls to action and backlinks. Including more high-quality and trustworthy links shows that you have done your research and know your subject. This shows that you’re reliable and trustworthy, not only to customers but to Google and it’s algorithm.