The Advantages Mad Mimi has over the Mailchimp

In today’s era of digital revolution, email marketing has become an important tool for businesses. The most used tools are the Mad Mimi and Mailchimp. These allow you to send newsletters and store your data safely in the internet space through the use of auto senders. St Helens Web design uses these tools to assess the kind of reaction to your clients, and the prospects have on your Marketing information.

To understand which of the tool is better, it’s important to look at the functionality of each one of them.


Both have different price plans. The Mad Mimi is cheaper than compared to the Mailchimp. The Mad Mimi will send electronic mails quite slowly. Mailchimp has pay as you go user rates plans which is quite useful for St Helens Web Design. It is rather a complex too and with more functionality.

Different Templates

The Mad Mimi allows you to deal with one template structure for different themes and colours. For the Mailchimp there are dozens of templates you can choose from. They will give your emails a professional look as they are in different classes. Both have flexible style editors to assist you in editing your template. With Mailchimp, there are a variety of layout styles to choose from. St Helens Web design uses the templates that are quite engaging.

User-friendly Interface

Both provide interfaces that are quite flexible to the users and those with large text buttons. On the other hand, the Mailchimp St Helens Web Design is using is quite more engaging.

Split Testing Functionality

Mailchimp has a functionality that allows for split testing. St Helens web design can test various letter headers or send a sample of your date before you can launch the best functionality of the database. Mad Mimi has a similar tool where you can test a newsletter back to back. It has no split option.

Auto sender

The Mailchimp auto sender is more advanced and provides its clients with different triggers that can be used for advertisement or change their users. Some of these activate include purchases or birthday events and open emails to kick-start a cycle of autoresponders. But with a Mad Mimi, there are only two prompts. A user pledging to a list in an email or connecting on a link in an email.

Analytics data

In Mail chimp, analytic reports are all-inclusive and you can be able to assess your clients’ behaviours much more easily.


Both will allow you to send tailor-made templates to your site and thus you can add the kind of package you offer to your site much easier. However, with the third party incorporation, Mailchimp is easier than the Mad Mimi.


Both provide users with the option to capture and store online information, to help design and send HTML electronic mails and come up with auto sender campaigns, Mailchimp is the most preferred in its functionality. It is more efficient in email marketing due to a variety of features it offers.

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