Maeve Callaghan with two certificates for passing GDPR course and Cyber Security course

Maeve starts by completing two important industry standard qualifications

This month we have had a new starter at Blue Whale Media: Maeve. Maeve is working within our dedicated graphics and branding team. 

Maeve joins the team after completing her Degree and is coming in strong with a great skill set. She will be working hand in hand with clients on their websites, branding, product design and much more. 

GDPR Course

On the first day at Blue Whale Media Ltd, we make all new employees undertake a GDPR course as ensuring customer data is safe is extremely important to us as it ensures that whilst they are dealing with customers on a one-on-one basis the customer’s information will be secure. 

Cyber Security Course

Being a media agency, all our data is online which makes it extremely important that our employees understand the importance of cyber security. This is even more important when we conduct a lot of our consultations via zoom. In addition to this, we also run daily malware checks on all devices.