Why Mailchimp Is The Ideal Tool For Email Marketing

Why Mailchimp Is The Ideal Tool For Email Marketing

Email marketing involves engaging your audience through email. It mostly consists of sending out a normal email newsletter that includes information, updates, advice, and special offers. Email marketing acts as the key foundation in attaining your desired customer base. Mailchimp is the best when it comes to the top email marketing providers. There has been an increase of new users up to 3.5 million in Mailchimp the past year alone. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using it for your business:

Free of Cost

Mailchimp has an account that is “Forever Free.” It is ideal for new brands and businesses that are starting with their journey in email marketing. You will receive over 12,000 emails for the monthly sending limit and a 2000 subscriber list, all for free. Setting up is quite easy here, and it also provides an introduction of lower risk to the email marketing world. You can also switch to the paid version if your email list expands or needs a higher sending limit. But the free account is often enough for the users, and we believe it will be the same for you as well.

Easy To Use

Mailchimp is known for being super flexible and simple to use. Users don’t need technical knowledge to use it. You can easily send out emails that look professional without possessing a marketing degree. Plus, the developers of Mailchimp are constantly improving its interface, making it simpler, user-friendly, and clear. All you need to do is pick a template and set the text and layout utilizing their drag-and-drop tool.

Mind-Blowing Features

Mailchimp possesses a ton of useful and important features that makes email marketing easier. Some of these features include:


This feature enables you to prepare and set your emails in advance. It also allows you to schedule your emails to send on a specific day and time. It saves you from last-minute panicking.

List Segmentation

Business owners should always segment their list to ensure the emails are going to the correct audience. This free account permits you to make groups in your list, allowing your subscribers to pick relevant topics once they sign up. It means that you can send emails that are mostly targeted to them and collect the desired information.


Even with the free Mailchimp account, you will have an extensive super useful reporting tool. It gives you the ability to observe the readers that opened your emails, including the number of times. You will gain information on your reader’s location, the most clicked links, and the most popular time of the day. We strongly believe that it will help you in improving the lacking areas.


With Mailchimp, you will obtain a seamless integration experience with other services and apps. It will allow you to obtain the most out of the marketing world. Plus, it works perfectly with the Gravity Forms Plugin of WordPress, Customer Relationship Management Software or CRM, Ecommerce Signup Forms, and WordPress.

Excellent Support

The customer support of Mailchimp is top-notch. The staff in Mailchimp are super diligent and helpful. They will get back to you immediately with all the solutions. It is very rare for these email service providers to offer top-notch customer support with free accounts. However, with Mailchimp, you can expect just that.