Ways to Maintain Brand Consistency as You Grow Your Business

When first developing a business, there are lots of factors to consider; deciding what the core services are going to be along with establishing a brand theme. Your business is going to evolve over time. Naturally spending loads of time on how you want to promote your business at the beginning is essential. However, the logo you create probably isn’t going to be the logo you have forever.

Understand Your Mission

Your brand image must reflects in your business values; you want to catch the eye of the audience and make it stand out. If you already know how you want it to look or, even better, already have it designed out you can make any small tweaks to be sure you’re sending out the right message. If further down the line you decide you no longer like the style of your logo, you may consider changing it quite dramatically. Changing it a lot once is fine; however, repeatedly changing it may confuse customers and put the appearance of your business at risk.

Build a Foundation

Having guided templates that you can customise as and when needed, will make things easier for you and your employees. Creating content for your brand can be difficult, especially with you have no guidelines to work along side. Creating blog posts and business cards as templates so that hundreds of other employees can use them also is one of the best ways to ensure brand consistency.

Set up a Solid Approval Process

When a business is first setup, the approval process is much more comfortable. Being able to sign off on everything, making all the company branding choices and how the website is run; it’s only when the company starts to grow, and suddenly you have all these extra employees it becomes more complicated. You don’t need to spend time making every decision anymore; there are now people in your team who can do that for you, you have to ensure you’re trusting the right people. Protecting your company image should be a considerable priority in every organisation, you must be doing this the correct way without creating a high workload for your employees. Having a small circle of people who can be trusted to keep up with the workload is a great place to start; this way delayed email replies can be avoided. Having a marketing director is likely to be the best resource, as they can take charge of everything to do with business branding.

Products and Services

It can be easy for the products or services your business provides to disappear, cuts to the budget are usually the primary cause. Sometimes a switch in providers can have a negative impact on profit if you change to a cheaper provider you may be sacrificing your staff and customers’ happiness. While a business can’t just run on joy, it is crucial to see how it impacts your sales and consider if that is the best option for your company.