Tell a unique story

If your brand or product has a unique story that makes it stand out from the crowd. Make sure you introduce the story to the user as soon as possible. For example, if you are selling natural food products, put messaging that focuses on quality front and centre. For example, healthy food company KIND Snacks’ website. The first thing you see is the message: “our promise to you / ingredients you can see & pronounce.” This message tells visitors that all products on the site are natural and that the ingredients can be trusted.

Create instructional how-to videos

In the past, when someone had a question about a product, they would go to the store, find a consultant and ask their question. Now, the first thing people do is go online and try to find an answer, this answer often comes in the form of watching a video. If your website contains this then people will be more likely to use your services or buy your products in the future as you are willing to help your customers. Videos are also a powerful tool and many people prefer videos over reading paragraphs.

Integrate with social media

Social media is a great way to expand your business, on social media you are able to sell your products and are not limited to hoping people find your website to buy your products. As well as this, you can place advertisements on social media to ensure your business reaches more people and therefore your business will receive more sales. You can also get a lot more user interaction on social media and this can help you improve your business as most people offer supportive criticism to help improve your business.

Use professional photography to showcase your products

If you use professional photography when showing off your products then you will be more likely to sell your products than anyone not doing this as it makes your business more professional and allows people to see every minor detail of the product which may just give them that extra push to purchase the item. Unprofessional images may alter the whole look of your website so its best to stick with the professional images.

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