How to Make a WordPress Website Voice Search Optimised?

Voice search is certainly not a new concept. Google’s mobile app offered a “search by voice” option for iPhone and Blackberry as far back as 2008. Voice platforms such as Siri, Cortana and Google Now are changing the way we search. In fact, in 2015, search on virtual assistants increased from 0 to 10% worldwide. Going by this rate, it’s perfectly possible that voice search will be the preferred way to search.

In fact, a Statista study found that 28% of participants prefer this medium for its accuracy than using a keyword. It’ no wonder then, that business owners want to optimise their website for voice search. So how do you optimise your WordPress website for voice search? Here’s brief guide from our SEO Cheshire team.

Humanise Your Content

Gone are the days of impressing the spider bots. Simply inserting a couple of keywords into your page/post won’t just cut it. So instead of being focused on some disjointed keywords, try to use a longer sequence of words.

Focus on phrases that a person is most likely to use in speech. For instance, if your target keyword is:

  • Cheshire
  • Cheshire vacation
  • Cheshire airfare

Make your keywords voice-friendly in the following manner:

  • Best Cheshire vacation packages
  • Cheshire vacation info
  • Cost for airfare to Cheshire

Essentially, when you humanise the content and choose keyword structures around a more natural conversational tone, you have better chances of showing up in voice search results.

Use Questions Phrases

If you were to voice search, how would you use it? Think about it for a second. If need be, pick up your smartphone and carry out an impromptu voice search. Most likely, you might begin with adverbs such as how, who, where or why. For example: Where is the closest pizzeria? In fact, a Search Engine Land study finds that there was a year on year growth of 61% in query based searches. So when you are trying to optimise your page, be sure to put yourself in your audience’s shoes to come up with most natural search queries to incorporate in your content. So what sort of questions might your visitors be asking about your product/service? How may they be phrasing those questions?

Enhance Your Microdata

Be sure to optimise your microdata to provide some context to the information on your site. At the bare minimum, include and optimise location information as a lot of mobile voice searches are “near me” queries.

Microdata tags will not only help in ranking your page appropriately, but they will also create “rich snippets” that show up additional information on search results as compared to traditional results. This way, searchers are sure that your business is exactly what they were looking for.

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