Making Facebook’s Workplace Work for You

Tailored specifically for business use by Facebook, Workplace can be thought of as a paid version of the popular social media platform. Workplace was created to help businesses streamline communication among their employees and even make work functions such as information mining, brainstorming, and advertising become more efficient. It can certainly make your staff perform their jobs more effectively. You can engage the services of Warrington SEO to help you maximise the use of Workplace. You can also organise your own team to explore its features and use them to improve your operations.

Through Workplace, companies can create their own custom platform that can address the unique needs of their specific businesses – all the while using the familiar interface of Facebook. Now that we know what it is, let us delve deeper into what Workplace offers, what features and functions does it have, and how it can exactly help your business.

Premium and Standard

A business can avail of either a Premium (paid) or Standard (free) Workplace. The Premium version gives you wider access to more features, of course, such as application programming interfaces (API) and IT monitoring tools. In addition, it allows a company to use these features immediately. The Standard version, on the other hand, is definitely not as customisable but comes with tools that a business can still certainly work with. These include an instant messaging function, video chats, a mobile application, unlimited storage, and even notifications.

Getting Standard

Using Workplace is incredibly simple. Warrington SEO will be able to help you more effectively use Workplace in no time at all. Companies can begin by setting up a Workplace account on Facebook, then continue by inviting employees. The process of signing up is quite similar to Facebook itself, thus, making it just that much easier.

Functions and features

Similar to Facebook, Workplace features a Newsfeed, a Live Video function, Groups, an equally effective Search bar, Messenger, and Trending Posts. In addition, Workplace displays analytics and related functions in order to assist businesses.

The Newsfeed is the most efficient way to keep up-to-date with what is happening within the company. It is tailored specifically to what an employee wants and needs to see. This can streamline work, as employees will be able to more quickly and easily access information that is relevant to them and the work that they need to do.

Live video is another exciting function offered by Workplace. It works exactly how you would expect it to, and makes communication among employees more efficient. It is easy to use and straightforward, connecting people who need to be connected.

Groups promote team engagement, and they work similarly to Groups on Facebook. They organise users and can be made either public or private. An exciting feature is the possibility of MCGs (Multi-Company Groups) where employees that come from different companies and organisations can gather and discuss their ideas and concerns.

These are only some of Workplace’s exciting features that make it ideal for aiding your business. This application not only functions as a great new avenue of communication for employees, it also helps promote the business itself and even improve customer service.

Workplace is definitely a powerful tool for any business. When used in collaboration with the services of Warrington SEO, Workplace guarantees a wider audience, more generated income and a more successful business overall.

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