Making your website more Christmassy

As Christmas approaches, spirits are running high and more people will be using the internet to browse. As a business with a website you need to be ready for the Christmas rush, there are a few different additions to your site that can help you be prepared.


A range of colours that associate with Christmas can sproosh up your website and allow it to appeal to Christmas. Colours like red, green, gold and white can aid this. A general value of Christmas is joy, if you can make your customers/website users feel joy when they visit your website then you may be able to keep them on there for longer.

As well as the colours, changing your logo to fit with the style of Christmas can also be a game changer. Even though this change is very subtle, it works really well. For example, you may add snowflakes or some holly to the corner.

Furthermore, creating background images and sliders that may have a snowy background or a warm winter feel to them can increase the overall Christmas feel of the website. If you are going to change something, the slider would be a good place to start.

Christmas Promotions

Everyone loves a discount around the Christmas period so adding a special holiday promotion won’t go unnoticed. A pop up with a percentage off will do the trick, however, you need to make sure the design works with the festive season.

Count Down

Countdowns to Christmas can work really well for your website, it’s an interactive feature what consumers can talk about. It may bring returning users just, so people can see how long is left for Christmas. This may not be a bad thing due to the returning users may get used to seeing the website and actually buy/use your services.

One of the best places to put a countdown would be in the main slider. This way people can see it as soon as they enter your website, which more than likely will entice them to click around the website. In turn, giving you a good bounce rate.

Snow Effects

Why not go the extra mile on your website? Add a falling snow effect using some JavaScript to add extra interactivity.

Transforming your website for Christmas doesn’t have to be a hard task, there are subtle elements that you can add. Businesses who keep up with the seasons will likely have a lot more website interaction than those who aren’t really bothered.

If you like the sound of this blog and feel that it could benefit your business around the Christmas period, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Use one of the contact forms dotted around the website or give us a call on 01925 552 050 and we will see what we can do. Merry Christmas!

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