Marketing for Christmas

Marketing for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner leaving business owners and marketers feeling pressed for time and resources. Still, with the right marketing strategies and promotions, you can make your winter marketing easy. In this blog, I am going to outline how you can promote your business and boost your sales over the Christmas holidays.

Free Shipping

Having free shipping is a big deal-breaker when it comes to your customer’s purchase. A survey font that only about 20% of people

will pay for shipping: if you are an eCommerce site you might want to consider offering free shipping over the Christmas period. Or why dont you join multiple of other companies on Free Shipping Day on December 14th.

Send Holiday Cards with a Promotion

A great way to engage with your customers is to make them feel like your brand values them. Every year we send out Christmas cards to our most valued customers. This is a great way to give a personal touch. You can create a traditional Christmas card with a picture of your team with a simple greeting along with a promotional code to encourage them to visit your business during the holidays.

Create a Social Media Give Away

We have done countless social media giveaways which we have seen to be a big way to get people to engage with us over the holidays. When creating social media give away, you need to think about your primary goal for your social media giveaway. Are you trying to get more followers, increase awareness for a specific product or service? From there, determine the right giveaway for your business.

Decorate your Location

You might have seen on our social media throughout the year that we have decorated our office for the festive season. So why not try doing this your self. Try sticking some Christmas lights up around or outside your building or even put a Christmas tree up. Dont forget to put this on your social media.

If you are a shop where people can come and walk into your shop, why dont you put some eye-catching signs or graphics in the window. This will encourage people to go into your shop, which could end in a sale. This makes your business look inviting to people who might otherwise walk past your shop.

Show People Behind the Scenes

Show people what it is like behind the scenes during the holidays. We have done this by setting up a camera and showing people how we decorate the office ready for Christmas. For example, if you are a bakery who makes Christmas cakes, take customers into the kitchen and show people how you make them. People are interested in how your company functions and by giving them a sneak peek behind the scenes will make your company stand out from the crowd.