The Different Marketing Services We Offer

Marketing is something that every company should be doing as it works so perfectly with your website. Online marketing can help you in many ways including boosting sales, increasing enquires, raising awareness and bringing a higher value of engagement. Here at Blue Whale Media, we employ a variety of techniques for your online marketing which will lead to more opportunities for you as a company.

Social Media

One of the most popular ways to establish your online presence is social media marketing. Not only is it a quick way to reach all your audience at the same time but it is also very easy to measure the results. The key to a successful social media campaign is choosing the best platforms that work to your business needs. We offer our expertise in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube. Our team will support you in the full process from setting up your requested accounts, posting regular content that includes images/videos and is scheduled days, weeks or months in advance and also reporting and analysing the performance of each platform.


SEO Marketing is another service that we offer and is probably something a lot of small companies have heard of but never delved into. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and works to boost your website to the top of the search engine results. If done correctly, it can drive a lot of traffic to your site and push you ahead of your competitors. Our dedicated team can provide SEO in a number of ways including social SEO, link building, articles, press releases and blogs. Through all of these, we can apply our expert SEO techniques that include no spam links and focus on white hat approaches.


PPC is another marketing technique that provides an opportunity to reach your specific target audience. PPC stands for Pay Per Click and is basically a campaign that focussed on paid adverts that come into play when a user clicks on the advert you have set up. A good PPC campaign must be detailed and properly researched to be able to reach its full potential. Our marketing team delivers all areas of SEO including setting up campaigns, keyword research, copywriting for ads, ad extensions and regular reporting.


Another way to boost your online presence is through email marketing. Sending out personally styled emails to a list of potential customers or existing customers can have a huge impact on how you interact with your audience. Once our team have understood your branding and what message you want to portray, they can customise an email template and integrate a variety of features that will showcase your content. Once your email is designed to how you want it, we will send the campaign out to target lists.

How We Can Help Your Business

Whether you want social media, SEO, PPC or email marketing, our team of specialists will create campaigns that are suited to your business goals and within your budget. If you want to find out more about our marketing services then head to our website.

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