Marketing Tips to Start Off the New Year

The New Year is a time to refresh your business and re-energise your marketing campaign. Now, you might have had an excellent year and want to continue with everything you’re doing but there are certain things that you can do to really boost your efforts for the new year. Time to move up to the next level!

Contact Existing Clients

If you have existing clients or customers then a good start for the new year would be to touch base with them. These are the people you want to make happy as they are your current clients which means they have bought your services and in some cases, are still buying your services. There are a few ways to contact your existing clients without it seeming so ‘out of the blue’. The simplest way is to send an email to your existing customers seeing how they’re doing, thank them for their business and check to see if they need anything from you. Another way to contact existing clients is to send out a new year questionnaire to get more knowledge on how their company is doing and highlight points where your services would be beneficial to them. Either way, speaking to your clients could open up big opportunities for your company and theirs.

Set Goals

The new year is all about aiming for something new and setting resolutions – well it’s the same for business. No matter how small or how big your company, everyone has a goal they want to achieve whether it’s related to the employees, offices, website, social media, email marketing, content, customers etc. To set a goal, you first need to research on your previous progress. From that, you can make a judgement on a realistic goal for the new year. By starting the new year off with a goal, it will give everyone in the company that extra boost to work hard after Christmas.

Try Something New

The new year is also all about fresh starts and trying things you might not have done before. Take this opportunity to do something new with your company. Starting off the new year with a bit of change can bring a positive vibe to the office as everyone can get stuck in with something that’s outside their usual work. Trying something different could be marketing on a new social media platform, writing new blogs, including a new feature on your website or adding a new system for your employees to use.

New Year, New Promotion

Any company can benefit from running a promotion and the new year is a great opportunity to do so. This might be offering a promotion on a new product or you might want to do a deal on existing products that you know your customers enjoy. Using a January promotion to get some extra sales is perfect! Advertise is across your website, social media or email marketing and make everyone know so you can get the most of of your discounted items.

Reboot Your Website

This last step might seem like a big jump but it’s probably the most important one. If your website needs a fresh look or you notice certain features that could be improved, a good thing to do is have a redesign on your existing website. Alternatively, if you don’t already have a website then this is something you definitely need to do! Having a new look to your site will intrigue customers and also make your business look professional. If you need help with your existing site or just want to get started online, visit our website for all the help you need.

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