What does our Marketing Company Warrington think the top marketing trends of 2020 will be?

2020 is both the beginning of a new year and a new decade. Many businesses are committed to developing new and highly specialised online and digital marketing strategies for the new year and our team at Blue Whale Media are no exception. We thrive on offering our customers new and exciting opportunities with the most up to date marketing strategies available. By choosing Blue Whale Media as

your trusted Marketing Company Warrington team, you are guaranteed exceptional service and high-quality work. We have created a detailed and comprehensive list of what we expect to be the biggest marketing trends of 2020.

Our Marketing Company Warrington team predict AI will be a big trend in marketing

Following on from trends in 2019, it is evident to our Marketing Company Warrington that Artificial Intelligence will play a big role in digital marketing this year. Statistics and marketing information shows that in 2020, 50% of search queries will be carried out via voice search. At the beginning of voice searches, 90% of users of voice search complained of poor quality. However, evolutions and upgrades have made voice searching simple and easy so, it is more important than ever to understand the difference between voice and text searches. This difference has a profound effect on the SEO of sites, and artificial intelligence can assist you in analysing and reworking content to work for both searches.

Marketing Company Warrington see an increased focus on video

Updated statistics show us that there is an increase in demand for video content amongst consumers. 96% of buyers admit that a video helps them to understand the details of a product and after viewing, 39% of viewers would call or contact the seller. This is not to say that photography and content have lost their draw, but companies would be wise not to ignore the surge in video popularity. By choosing Blue Whale Media as your trusted Marketing Company Warrington you will receive exceptional quality video content from our professional videography team.

Use Marketing Company Warrington to personalise your content

Companies have worked tirelessly to ensure that their content is specifically targeted to the right audience and sent at the right times, but in 2020, our Marketing Company Warrington team are seeing a rise in personalised content. It has always been the case that customers prefer customised and personalised content. Full content and graphics personalisation for every customer is not viable, but if you take the time to analyse and segment particular demographics, you can offer a degree of personalisation to your customers

Marketing Company Warrington predicts a rise in AI analysing customer emotions

Although AI has no emotions, recent upgrades have allowed it to read the emotional state of comments and feedback. Utilising an algorithm and keywords and phrases, in 2020 our Marketing Company Warrington predicts that AI will be able to emotionally relevant responses to customers.


2020 is set to be a great year for online marketing and showcase what is best about digital advertising. For more information or to see what our Marketing Company Warrington team can do for you, please follow the link below: