What is meant by Local SEO?

Cheshire SEO has become the focus of marketers worldwide seeking to harness the power of search engines such as Google, but what do people mean when they mention the term ‘local SEO’?

Blue Whale Media are going to explain what the term means and how it could affect you through this blog post.

What is SEO? 

To understand local SEO, we first need to know what SEO means. Instead of going into massive detail about the ins and outs of SEO, Blue Whale will give a quick rundown.

SEO is an online marketing technique that focuses on optimising websites rankings amongst search engine results. To put it simply, when a person searches a term relevant to your business, SEO makes sure that your website’s link lands at the top of those search results.

Why is this so important? The vast majority of the time search engine users do not sift through search engine results and merely click the first link. If you are an online business, being that first link is imperative if you wish to stay ahead.

So what is Local SEO?

Local SEO or localised SEO, is the practice of making sure websites appear at the top of search engine results for their local area. For example, the search term ‘opticians’ and ‘opticians Liverpool’ will produce very different results. For local businesses who are not competing on a global level, localising their campaign is essential if they wish to attract local customers.

How Can I Optimise My Site Locally?

It’s quite simple really. Implement all the trusted SEO techniques such as keyword density, link building, high levels of performance etc, but localise them. For example, when producing SEO content such as blogs, make sure that the keywords you are including include the area you wish to rank for.

There are several other techniques and methods for optimising your page locally such as making sure to submit your website to local directories. The SEO Cheshire team at Blue Whale Media are experts when it comes to optimising pages locally; we employ a dedicated team of SEO executives who transform local businesses’ online presence through designing and running entire SEO campaigns.

If you feel you could benefit from the help of an experienced SEO agency, feel free to get in touch with Blue Whale Media today. You can reach us through email at: [email protected] or call us on: 01925 552 050

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