Blue Whale Media’s Meet the Team Page

Our meet the team page is very personalised to us as a team and each individual staff member. Our 24 members of staff all have their own customised character and page which is personalised with all you need to know about them.

Personalised Characters

All our staff member have their own characters which are custom-made by Lewis, our graphic designer. This means that Lewis needs to get a good look at each individual in the office in order to make the character look as much like the person as much as possible. From hair colour to facial hair and branded shoes to eye colour, Lewis has an eye for detail, and everyone is satisfied with their character.


Now that you know we create and design our own characters, you didn’t think we left it, there did you? We make sure the characters represent each individual down to a tee. This even includes the clothing. The majority of the time our characters are all wearing the iconic blue, Blue Whale Media hoodies. However, on special occasions, they dress up! For example, Christmas, Halloween, and not forgetting World Book Day, we all pick our chosen outfit and send ideas over to Lewis to start designing.

Staff and their pages

Our character all have custom made outfits, of course, we all have our own pages… On these pages is where you will find a bit about each member of staff, their favourite business quote, latest blogs written by them, skills and attributes and their favourite website that we have made for customers. There is also a section on the page where you can really get to know the staff by reading their recent personal Q&A’s and even watching their Q&A’s about Blue Whale Media and Social Side.

The Dogs

How could we forget the three most important members of Blue Whale Media? The office dogs. These three fur balls even have their own animated character just like us. Sid, Molly and George are an added bonus to the Blue Whale Media office. They make a dull day bright. Sid, being the pup of the pack, is full of life and you are guaranteed to find him sitting on your chair or desk if you’re lucky enough. Molly is our senior cuddle giver. She adores everyone and will do anything for food. And then George, don’t be put off by the greeting, he’s a little timid, but we wouldn’t change him for the world.

What we plan to do in the future

The future of Blue Whale Media’s meet the team page is continually changing. We love coming up with new and better ideas for making our meet the team page a perfect representation of our team. Our marketing team is permanently coming up with new outfit ideas for Lewis to create and they’ve even come up with ideas for the motion graphics team too, which we are really excited about. You don’t want to miss this new feature.

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