How you can use to improve your video making process.

Modern Technology We Use:

Managing a video production is already hard enough without having to bounce between emails and hundreds of dropbox links.

Collaboration is a major part of filmmaking, especially when it comes to communication. Communication is an integral part of video production within any industry; here’s what our video production team uses at Blue Whale Media:

What is is a cloud-based storage service that allows you to upload videos and other digital media assets, team reviews and collaborative editing. You can upload storyboards, works-in-progress, scripts, and other projects, allowing access to your team members anywhere. It also allows you to customise a workspace based on the specific workflow tools your company uses.

Everything Is In One Place

Email chains are vast and deep on a production, finding the right information can be difficult. Emails only go to specific recipients, so keeping everyone on the same page can be futile. allows you to have discussions in one place, so your entire team has access to casting videos, location scouts, props, costume designs, and virtually anything else you need for your production.

Discussions Are Fun Again

A discussion should be simple; it’s often a major pain point on most productions. Discussions are usually disjointed and a lack of clarity is possible referring to specific points in a video.’s discussion tools not only make it easy to comment on a video, but you might find it fun to use.

Work Fast With Familiar Keyboard Shortcuts

In addition to a clean and straightforward User Interaction, features industry-standard keyboard shortcuts to help you work faster in the app.

Controls are at your fingertips for video playback on the dedicated player view; this makes it easy to see a specific point in the clip.

Add Structure To Keep Your Project Organised allows you to organise your project’s assets with folders so that your team can quickly find what they need. You can nest folders within other folders to build the perfect structure you need to keep your video project organised.

Surprisingly Fast Uploads

If uploading is slow, this step in any video production can feel like more trouble than it’s worth, but uploading videos to is fast. Multiple videos can be uploaded in parallel, cutting down upload times even further. Once a file has finished uploading, it is optimised for fast streaming, even large HD files play quickly.

Share Your Project With Anyone

Authorised users can review and comment on the videos in your project, but also allows you to grant view-only access of your project to anyone else you choose.

With sharing enabled, you are given a URL that you can use to share the project with others—allowing you to gather feedback from trusted colleagues without having to provide them with full access to the project.

Making a video or film is hard enough on its own. However, with, you’ve got the tools you need to organise your video project and keep your team in sync.