How businesses can use MailChimp for improved and automated email marketing.

Modern Technology We Use: MailChimp

MailChimp is an all in one marketing platform that helps you manage and track your clients and customers. But why do companies still need email marketing? Our expert marketing at Blue Whale Media has explained why email marketing is always important. With MailChimp, you’re in the driver’s seat and have full control over your email marketing efforts.

Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a vital tool in today’s marketing efforts. Companies can grow their revenue and expand their reach by targeting a vaster audience. With so many other ways to engage and communicate with customers, many small businesses forget it, but statistics clearly show that email is still alive. One tool we are using at Blue Whale Media is MailChimp.

What is MailChimp?

Mailchimp lets you stay in touch with groups of people via email; you can send newsletters to people who’ve signed up for your mailing list. Mailchimp can power your email marketing efforts as it is simple and easy to use. MailChimp also gives you hassle-free integration with your website or eCommerce platform.

Why MailChimp?

When it comes to email marketing providers, you have to consider MailChimp. They welcomed nearly 3.5million new users last year alone. Using the tools of MailChimp, you can help your business succeed but thrive with email marketing efforts. You can use MailChimp to boost your email marketing lists, enabling you to connect with your customers and build meaningful, long-lasting relationships.

What can you do with MailChimp?

  • Scheduling: this allows you to prepare your emails in advance and schedule them to be sent on particular days at particular times.
  • List segmentation: it’s really important to segment your list to ensure your emails are getting to the right audience. The free account allows you to create groups within your list, so your readers can select relevant topics when they sign up. This means you can send more targeted emails to them and they receive the information they want.
  • Reporting: MailChimp has an extensive reporting tool, even with the free account. You can see exactly who opened your emails and how many times. You can see which links were clicked the most, you can tell what time of day was the most popular and you can even find out where your readers are located.
  • Integration: MailChimp offers seamless integration with other apps and services, Customer Relationship Management software, WordPress generally, ecommerce signup forms, and many social media networks.

Why we use MailChimp

At Blue Whale Media, we believe that bespoke and brand-specific email marketing campaigns will bolster more than just your email subscriber count.

Mailchimp lets you do cool things, like create ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram, make you own customised landing pages, or create RSS-to-email automated campaigns.

The best part about Mailchimp is segmentation, which is a fancy way of saying that you can send a specific email to specific people at a specific time.

It’s safe to say that Mailchimp is a good email marketing software choice for small businesses looking to take control of their email marketing. At Blue Whale Media, we can assist you with any email marketing, including Mailchimp, why not get in touch today?