What month is best to build my e-commerce website?

It’s no surprise that online shops thrive in the months coming up to Christmas. It’s an extremely busy time for all our e-commerce website customers. But with that takes an enormous amount of preparation. Most of our e-commerce website customers start to put their Christmas plans in place in September to ensure that they are ready in time.

So when do we recommend you commission your online shop?

The answer is any month. Surely not you may be thinking. But it’s true. There is so much work that goes with getting an ecommerce website built and then getting it ranking is another task all together. Even if you have left it until now to commission your ecommerce website it’s not too late and you don’t have to miss out on the Christmas rush.

I want to be up and running for Christmas what should I do?

Pay your deposit and start talking to our expert team of account managers. Here at Blue Whale Media we have experienced account managers that no only know how to get your information for your ecommerce website, they also know how to manage one. This allows then a unique skill where they can advise you how to complete your ecommerce product spreadsheet quickly and efficiently. This then allows your website build to be started promptly.

If I do get my website live in time how will I get people to find it?

Well there are a few ways to give your website the boost it may need. One of the most important aspects to search engine bots is content. We offer a product description writing service for your £5.00 per product. This means that your descriptions will be of an optimal length to get them listed by the search engines, which in turn makes them easier to find. Secondly blogs. This is a great way of getting more content on the website for the search engine bots to find and crawl. We would suggest commissioning in the region of 8 blogs or even better one for each of your product categories. This will give your website a boost and make it seem more established to the search engines.

What if content doesn’t get my website where it needs to be?

If all the above doesn’t get you where you want to be you can use Pay Per Click. Blue Whale Media is a google partner meaning we have great offers which we can provide to our customers. The current one is that Google will match your spend up to £120.00. This means that you get £240.00 worth of clicks on your products but only spend £120.00. This can be a great start to your Christmas marketing and may just give your website the boost that it needs. Don’t forget the more traffic that you can get on your website the more the search engines will believe your website is relevant to its customer which ultimately could be your customer.

What if I can’t train myself up on my online shop in time to deal with the orders?

Blue Whale Media has a great support team that are on hand to help you with your website. That could be anything from adding new products. Completing the sales on your website. Setting up coupons for special offers. Changing graphics for flash sales. We can do it all for you so you can just sit back and enjoy shipping your orders.

If I commission my online shop when can I expect it to be completed?

Well that really depends on you. Blue Whale Media is currently working on a lead time of 4 weeks. But this is from when you provide us all your website content, shop products, images  etc. So if you commission it tomorrow and provide all your information quickly within a week then you are looking at a 20th November 2017 launch. But this is also based on our current work load and our lead times differ throughout the year, so don’t delay call today.

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