How Motion Graphics Can Benefit Content Marketing

Most of the top brand companies use motion graphics to create memorable ad campaigns. It is easier for the audience to remember and recognise you by using motion graphics, this is because it allows you to create stylized and visually engaging pieces of content that will easily stand out about the rest. Whilst this tactic, like most tactics, can’t guarantee conversions, if you do it right and create an extra strong first impression, you will be well on the way to building the online presence you need to start driving sales.

Engaging Content

Anyone involved in content marketing would tell you that most successful brands don’t think like advertisers. As a matter of fact, stories work and sell better and inspire loyalty. A good narrative told using motion graphics has a way of melting hearts and connecting with audiences on an emotional and meaningful level.

Make Them Stylish

We offer drone footage and a videographer, and they are fantastic, however, they do not give you the control over the style of the content as effectively as good motion graphics can. If you have complete control of each and every frame of the entertainment piece, you are able to show your brand narrative in the way you really want to present it. The control of style can range from unique colour palettes to unique scene transitions. Motion Graphics can help to create a visual style that embodies your company and helps you get it to target the correct audience.

Get Across Complex information

Everyone wants the hard facts, but let’s be honest, nobody wants to find them or read them. By putting this across in an enjoyable and snappy way, the content will be made much more appealing. A few frames of carefully chosen graphics, careful narration and on-screen text can carry the same information as half a page of text. It also allows you to get across some content writing techniques easier, for example, a metaphor or a design concept. Motion Graphics allows you to present this in a visual form, helping to get the point home. It helps with more driven content as allows you to visualize products or spaces internally.

Mobile Responsiveness

With mobiles becoming more and more of an important factor in our lives, more people are viewing videos on their phones. Therefore, the importance of creating content that works on any device and any screen is growing. Video content can now be watched on any device, which opens opportunities for you to connect with your target audience whenever your audience want to engage with it.

Unlimited Creativity

Live action film is very budget-related and has to stick to a strict budget, however, Motion Graphics is completely limited to your own creativity. Whereas traditional filmmaking requires locations, sets etc, motion graphic designers only require a brain, a computer and animation software. This means that motion graphic designers have complete creative freedom from the comfort of their own home/studio.

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