Motion Graphics Design at Blue Whale Media

The wizard behind the moving magic on Blue Whale Media’s website, Luke recently joined the Blue Whale Media team to work on motion graphics design. Not just an animator though, Luke has plenty of video-editing and static graphic design experience, making him a great fit as the company begins to explore more videography and video effects and layover editing.

Luke’s Motion Graphic Design Inspirations

Originally inspired by title sequences of films like Transformers and TV series like Doctor Who, Luke began to teach himself how to edit video footage. With time, Luke began trying to emulate title sequences with his own motion graphics effects before putting them on his personal Youtube channel. Nowadays, Luke’s primary inspirations are logo title sequences like the famous 20th Century Fox sequence, along with graphically intensive title sequences from films like Deadpool.

Outside of the Office

Luke’s self-taught video editing skills quickly earned him a sizable Youtube following along with quite a few followers on Twitter. But when he’s avoiding his internet fame, Luke plays football for Golborne Sports Club, looking to break his astounding record of 56 goals in a season. Not just a hard worker on the pitch, Luke also works as a barman at The Millstone, completing the perfect trinity of technology, football and beer.

Luke’s Favourite Projects

One of Luke’s favourite projects he completed recently for Blue Whale Media is the new Facebook page cover video. Animated and designed by Luke, the video banner of the Blue Whale Media Facebook page is a small taste of what Luke is capable of doing with motion graphics.

Luke is also looking forward to upcoming projects he’s been working on, like an animated informational video that will highlight the step-by-step process of building a website here at Blue Whale Media. Lastly, Luke has been working on overlays and various effects for upcoming drone media that Blue Whale Media has been preparing.

Favourite things about Working at Blue Whale Media

Overall, Luke loves the positive environment fostered by the wonderful people working at Blue Whale Media. From being well equipped with a dual screen monitor for his work to being able to take breaks and give Molli (one of the office dogs) a cuddle, Luke loves the Blue Whale Media offices.

Future Goals and Aspirations

Luke aspires to one day work on similar projects to the great Hollywood movies that inspired him to start doing motion graphics design. Whether it’s the latest Transformers film or a new Deadpool sequel, Luke aspires to be working on big budget title sequences for movies. Along with this, Luke hopes to own a Manchester United season ticket and a racehorse named “The Italian Stallion” one day.

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