Video Copilot

Video Copilot is an excellent place to go as a beginner to learn after effects and new tips and tricks to get you into the motion graphics industry. They are definitely working with the higher end of After Effects, however, their tutorials are very easy to follow step by step as a beginner making it easy to learn your trade with this channel. Not only does Video Copilot offer tutorial videos, but they also produce their own plug-ins and texture packs etc. some of which I have mentioned in previous blogs, for example, Optical Flares, Saber and Element 3D V2. Most recently they have created ‘Orb’ which was designed to create 3D mapping and bump mapping of space objects such as Earth.

Avnish Parker

Avnish Parker does very clean and simple tutorials probably better suited to a beginner and his tutorials are not only easy to follow, but they are also entertaining to watch. I find something entertaining about listening to the computer-generated voice rather than a human. His tutorials are mainly for logo manipulation, however, I have taken a lot of his techniques and used them in my recent videos.

Dope Motions

Very similar to Avnish Parker, Dope Motions does motion graphic tutorials aimed at helping beginners develop their skillset and become high-quality designers with the ability to pull different techniques out from anywhere. Something that Dope Motions does differently is to add the human approach to the video, instead of using a computer-generated voice, he talks to you directly and this can help people depending on preference. He also offers things like texture and shader packs for other plug-ins, as well as doing reviews of new products and plug-ins associated with After Effects.


SonduckFilm is dedicated to helping people with After Effects and Premier, he focuses less on the Motion Graphic side of After Effects and more on the film side of things, such as transitions and enhancing video footage etc. He does a lot of packs that are useful for transitions if you don’t have time to make them yourself, he is also really easy to follow and creates well put together content as well as creating his own short films that are really interesting.


Perhaps an odd one to include on my list due to him being a Graphic Designer, tutvid produces excellent quality videos on illustrator and Photoshop. He does do really good After Effects videos, but it is important to master the nitty gritty part of designing, being the 2D elements that go into making it. His videos are well up to date and he regularly uploads new tutorials/reviews of all the latest products.


This one is personal to me, BakersTuts has been uploading tutorials since I was 11, he isn’t around anymore but he has helped me more than he could ever know. He was a call of duty editor and taught me things such as motion tracking, syncing gunshots to music and audio synced flashes using expressions and BPM. The gunshots really helped me develop a rhythm when I’m editing which is crucial to creating a high-quality video.

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