First of all, Sam Lewis and I had to go and get the footage to edit with. Lewis is our own, qualified, drone pilot and Sam is our other editor/videographer. We decided to venture over to Pennington Flash in Leigh as we had to scope out a place in Golborne for another drone shoot. We decided to film over the flash primarily and enjoyed looking at the faces of people looking extremely confused as we flew a drone over their heads.


Originally, we had no intention of using this footage for any more than a showreel of work. Sam and Lewis use Thursday mornings to go and train their drone flying abilities. However, Stephanie asked me to produce a sales video using the footage we had acquired. I then had to go away and research sales videos using drone footage, to then produce a kind of storyboard of how I wanted the project to look.


It was difficult to sieve through the footage we had compiled due to there being that much of it and the fact that it was not filmed with the editor in mind. Meaning that there was no shot list or thought going into the filming of the piece. Due to this, I had to improvise using the footage I had. Another difficult factor was due to the fact that the Pilot wanted to practice flying over water, meaning that most of the shots that were gathered were water shots. This meant there wasn’t a lot of variation in the shots as, if we knew we were filming for a sales video, we would have used a camera as well as the drone giving us a wider variation of shots to work with.

1st Edit

The first draft of the edit was fairly simplistic, a nice colour correction and a little bit of text, that was slightly over aggressive for the type of edit I was doing. The flow was good, and everything looked good but there wasn’t enough there to be used as a sales video. I had a sit down with Stephanie and she agreed that it needed more, and we watched some more videos to help us come up with a few more ideas.

2nd Edit

This included a total revamp; the entire title sequence was changed along with some of the colour corrections. However, the main change was the added text/information to some of the clips. It looked a lot more professional and looked TV ready.


I had a lot of fun working on my first drone video as I enjoy working on live action footage. We now have a procedure to follow when we go out filming, meaning we have a shot list, storyboard before we actually go out filming. We also take more than one camera to get as many angles as we possibly can. The footage is now live on Facebook and can be viewed from the link below!

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