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My First Week at Blue Whale Media – Amber Williams

This week has been my first of many at Blue Whale media as a content writer, and it’s been amazing. I whole heartedly enjoyed my first week here and there are a few things I’ve noticed about this adult job life that I’ve never noticed before.

I’ve had jobs before of course, but never an office job and never commuting via the tram or trains. This week has definitely been a week of firsts for me, and I’ve noticed a few things on my travels to and from work that I’ve found to be interesting.

People Are Awake Before 8AM?!

I only ever thought people getting up at the crack of dawn was a myth, a story sold to us by films and TV’s to make you feel bad about getting your beauty sleep.
Getting the tram into work each day, I was shocked and amazed by how many people actually get the tram at 6am like I do!

When I actually think about it, this obviously makes perfect sense, but initially I was surprised by this revelation.

Everyone Looks Miserable on the Commute, No Exceptions

Another thing I have noticed on my commute to work (because I’m an adult who commutes now) is that everyone looks incredibly miserable. There are no exceptions to this rule, I’ve yet to see one person that looks particularly perky on the tram or train.

This is a strange observation for me, as I thought the North was meant to be friendlier than the South. If it were London then I’d expect nothing else, but the North? I’m shocked.

How much I love trams

My new love for trams is an unexpected one I’ll admit, but there’s something incredibly satisfying to be on a tram. When you think about it, it’s a train on the road… or a train line that cars also can drive on. It’s mind boggling.

For people who obviously are used to trams, this isn’t an amazing find. For me, I’ve grown up in a city that has a small train station and I haven’t ever seen any trams until I moved to Manchester. I’m sure the fascination will wear off eventually, but for now I’m revelling in my new favourite transport.

Office Dogs Are the Best Thing Ever

Having never worked in an office before means not experience all the joys that an office has to offer, like the comradery of all your colleagues bouncing off each other and having great work to crack on with. But one of my all-time favourite things about office life is the dogs.

You’d think having little dogs running around, being all cute will be a major distraction from your work but on the contrary, it’s almost the opposite!
You get to pet a dog as a nice little break from your work, leaving you feel happy and refreshed, which is amazing for when you’re having a bit of mental block.

It’s also scientifically proven that office pets are brilliant for increasing the productivity of the workforce in said office!

All in all, It’s been an amazing first week

I love working for Blue Whale Media and the whole team are welcoming, funny and easy to get along with. I can’t wait to get in the swing of it all and evolve as a working professional here at Blue Whale Media.

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