My week of work experience at Blue Whale Media

From a week of experience at Blue Whale Media I discovered that I want to work in a similar environment to theirs in the future, everyone there knows each other well and is very outgoing with one another, they work together with ease and it is comfortable to be around them, which created a nice atmosphere to be surrounded by every day.

My experience

From the start I was introduced to everyone and before being shown around the office, then straight away I had a list of tasks to complete on my own for throughout the week including helping out with one of their websites for a client, working with their social media and assisting in preparing them for leading up events they are planning for everyone in the office, which they seem to plan many of, giving me the impression of the kind of enjoyable company they are to work in. Nothing asked of me to work on was too difficult, but I always had something to do and the team were always willing to help me without a problem with anything if I asked.

What I learned from this

What I learned from this week was about how even small things behind the making of a website take a lot of time and attention to complete and from seeing what was happening around me, how hard the teamwork for their clients and how much detail and discussion goes into everything they do.

Why I wanted to come to Blue Whale Media

I wanted to come and complete work experience at Blue Whale Media as I am very interested in the creative digital media sector of work and was certain I wanted to study something like that after college. I looked at many different businesses to decide where I wanted to go, but Blue Whale Media seemed the best choice for me. Based on their website, I saw that their online portfolio was creative and looked very professional and after finding it I knew that I could learn more about digital design from them. They contacted me back very quickly and were eager to let me come in and, in the meantime, answered any of my questions about the week making me feel more at ease about going into an unknown workplace.

Final thoughts

Overall I would describe Blue Whale Media as welcoming, hard-working and enjoyable. I was slightly nervous to take part in the week at first, however, I am very glad I did. The team was a great one to participate in even if it was just for a short time and I wish them nothing but the best for the future of the company.

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