Naomi’s Apprenticeship at Blue Whale Media

My Apprenticeship at Blue Whale Media – Naomi Clarke 

After finishing college I wanted to do an apprenticeship as it allows you to get your qualification whilst working in the industry. I started my apprenticeship in January 2020 as a Web Design Apprentice. The course I did was a Level 3 Digital Marketing course, which covered a section on web design. Doing this course helped me to gain a basic understanding of my job role and gave me a deeper understanding of what we do as a digital marketing agency. During my course, Blue Whale Media gave me the time and resources to do my apprenticeship, which helped me to complete my course to the best of my ability and received a grade that I am extremely happy about.

Whilst doing my apprenticeship the team at Blue Whale Media has helped me to increase my skill level further in my area of website design/development, which goes over and beyond what I learned in my course. This was incredibly helpful as it has allowed me to do my job effectively, and contribute to the team.

Now that I have finished my apprenticeship, Blue Whale has kept me on as a Web Developer. I am thankful to be part of the team at Blue Whale Media as they are willing to put in the time and effort into helping you grow and succeed in your career. I am looking forward to progressing my skilling and knowledge in web development and am currently looking at starting a new apprenticeship at a higher level.