All You Need to Know About WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a free eCommerce plugin that enables you to build your online store on WordPress, one of the world’s most favourite platforms for running websites and blogs. WooCommerce is one of the most popular plugins used by more than 28% of eCommerce stores. WooCommerce features a wide range of extensions, both free and paid versions, that enables online store owners to include extensive technical and logistical features for delivering an excellent user experience. WooCommerce is a favourite amongst web developers, including our own professional web design Liverpool company.

WooCommerce offers an affordable option for store owners looking to build a great online brand with the best of features. Support from a professional WooCommerce specialist can boost the efforts of store owners enormously, enabling them to realise successful results faster.

Interesting Facts about WooCommerce

The idea of WooCommerce was born in 2008. Conversations between Mark, Magnus, and Adii sparked the idea for the plugin.

Benefits of Using WooCommerce

Whether you want to sell tangible or digital products, you can do it with WooCommerce! The plugin supports multiple product types, goods of a wide variety of dimensions, and instant downloads among others.

Customise the look, feel and design of your online shop with a range of free and paid themes available from, and for, WooCommerce. StoreFront theme is free. It offers seamless integration with your online store, preventing any technical glitches that can arise due to a clash between plugins and themes when key updates are made.

When it comes to an online store, the best way to inspire trust in customers is by providing them with a highly secure platform. Built for WordPress, this plugin reflects the same high-end security that the former is known for. In addition, there are regular security updates introduced by a dedicated team of developers. This team works round the clock to detect and resolve any bugs in the  eCommerce plugin.

Give a range of benefits to your shoppers by making use of the different features! There are paid extensions that enable you to offer facilities such as subscriptions, memberships, and discounts.

WooCommerce has plenty of features to customise shipping, product sorting and categorisation, geographical visibility, order and inventory management, and customer experience and relationship. You can limit your store to specific countries or market it to the world – you can configure your store and your shipping options any way you like!

Payment option is a crucial aspect of an online store. When you offer more reliable payment options, your store becomes more trustworthy and convenient for your shoppers. WooCommerce supports all popular payment modes, including credit cards, bank transfers, PayPal and cash on delivery. If you are looking to integrate regional payment methods, you can do that too – WooCommerce accommodates over 140 local payment methods including Amazon Payments and Stripe.

As a WordPress plugin, it is a naturally SEO-friendly platform.

As your business grows, your online store needs to grow as well, to meet evolving customer needs. WooCommerce makes this scaling easy and efficient. You can expand your store with more products, or include more customer experience features – you can scale to any heights with WooCommerce!

Tips to Get the Best Results for your Business

WooCommerce comes with an inbuilt blog. Make the best use of this powerful tool. Publish great content that keeps your audience engaged, and enables you to grow into a powerful brand.

Identify features that can help you market your products more efficiently. For example, there are shortcodes (shortcuts in general terms), which enable you to include your products in your blog posts.

Use WooCommerce’s ratings and review feature to give authentic customer feedback to visiting shoppers. Include a Verified Buyer tag for more authenticity.

WooCommerce allows unlimited galleries and images. Make the best use of them to highlight your products.    

Hire a WooCommerce Agency for Best Results Consistently

Be it themes or extensions, WooCommerce offers a lot of options for customisation. You need to invest a great deal of time and efforts to locate extensions that best suit your business. A WooCommerce agency is the best bet if you cannot commit much time and effort for your online store.

From customising your online store with plugins that best suit your store’s needs to maintaining your store in the long run, a professional WooCommerce agency can do a lot for you.

Starting with themes, besides StoreFront, there are several other themes designed for WooCommerce. Shopkeeper, Kalium, Artemis, and HomeMarket are some popular examples. A WooCommerce agency can help you build a completely customised online store with these themes. It can also help you customise your StoreFront theme more efficiently.

An agency can build a mobile-optimised theme so that your online store is easily accessible, viewable and shoppable on mobile devices such as tabs and smartphones.

It can be confusing to choose from among the several hundreds of extensions available for WooCommerce. If you are building a basic online store, perhaps free extensions could be enough, but premium extensions are a must if you are looking for more customised functionalities.

A WooCommerce agency can help you choose reliable extensions by verifying them for their suitability to your needs, practical usability, and available support. This meticulous research enables you to integrate only the best extensions that deliver the best results.

As an opensource platform, WooCommerce is constantly updated by its dedicated developer community. It is crucial to check for, and install, these updates, not just for greater store efficiency, but for website security reasons too. A professional agency with WooCommerce expertise can keep track of, and install, such updates on your behalf.

A professional agency can keep your WooCommerce blog fresh and up-to-date with high-quality content regularly, paving the way for better search engine rankings and an impressive brand identity.    

Why WooCommerce is Preferred Over Other Platforms

Reliability of the platform that comes with its WordPress identity and its functionality are a reason for WooCommerce’s popularity.

The extensive functionality of the plugin enables store owners to build an online shop that grows with time and delivers the best experience to visitors. The extensive support available for the platform is another reason for its dependability.

With new advancements over time, WooCommerce leads the way in staying relevant and valuable for its customers. If you are looking to make your online dreams come true, try WooCommerce. You’ll not be disappointed!

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