Who are DJI?

Da-Jiang Innovations also known as DJI are a Chinese technology company. DJI are one of the biggest if not the biggest drone manufacturers in the world. Founded back in 2006, DJI saw a gap in the market and something they could take charge in by creating stunning and technically sound products. They also manufacture cameras, camera gimbals and flight control systems.

New DJI Mavic 2

On the 23rd of august 2018 DJI released yet another drone in the Mavic series. A series of drones that have gained credibility through the Mavic pro and Mavic air. This therefore led to an extreme excitement on the release of the Mavic 2. Having released both the Mavic 2 PRO AND Mavic 2 ZOOM DJI are again taking another massive in innovation. They have said that this is there safest and most intelligent drone they have ever made. They have added features to it that will make it Fly Faster, Longer and quieter. DJI have thought about every detail in which they could take this drone to the next level.

Flight Modes

With every DJI drone they all have specific flight modes which make it more appealing to create stunning Videography and imagery. Within the Mavic series they have POI, Waypoint, Asteroid and boomerang. All these flight modes are all unique in the way they work and the scenes they capture. The Mavic 2 have introduced a new flight mode called DollyZoom. This is a camera effect that appears to undermine a real visual perception. The effect is achieved by zooming a zoom lens to adjust the angle of view of a chosen subject whilst the drone moves backwards or forwards in a way to keep the subject the same size but the background moving closer or further away from the subject creating a truly cinematic shot. This has been classed as a breakthrough in the market and something that no other drone is doing without additional editing.


To create the new Mavic 2, DJI have partnered up with Hasselblad. They specialise in cameras and photographic equipment. Attached to the Mavic 2 PRO you will find a Hasselblad L1D-20c Camera which will take the Mavic PRO to a whole new level in create stunning imagery and videography. This new camera allows the drone to zoom in on a subject from a safe distance if needed too. It offers improved lowlight shooting capabilities in comparison to other DJI drone cameras

Other Features

This new Mavic 2 has improved on everything the other Mavic didn’t achieve. A more powerful flight platform allows the drone to fly for a substantial time of 31 minutes, more than any other DJI drone on the market. An improved 72 KPH Max speed allows the drone to keep with a subject if required in active track 2.0 which they have improved from the previous active track used in the other Mavic’s. The previous Active Track relied on 2D images from the main camera to track a subject. Now the new active track allows the drone to map a 3d view of the environment through the camera and other vision sensors for a greater accuracy of subject tracking. With this comes a trajectory prediction which uses algorithms when the subject is temporally blocked by and object or obstruction.

What Does This Mean For The Market?

The new Mavic 2 has gone above and beyond the capabilities that people might have expected from such a little drone. This new drone will allow commercial companies to create stunning shots and be even more creative with the footage they take using the Mavic PRO. As DJI always say it is up too us (the public) to create the stunning photography and footage. The Mavic 2 was created to try and find a way we could produce originality back into drone footage and aerial photography.

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