New Year, New Website?

Alongside the new year comes the opportunity to start anew. When it comes to websites, especially, sometimes it’s better to take a new approach to things. It is, of course, essential to realise that many people will be using the site, so ensuring that it is suitable for everyone is vital.

It is also essential that the site works well, but it can be challenging to know what changes are best to make. This is what our own website designers in Wigan has recommended:

Revamp the homepage

Your website’s homepage will be the first impression you make on many visitors, so it had better be a good one. With your homepage, you should be able to clearly communicate your brand’s positioning, look professional and answer the main questions people have. It might be an idea to update your design by tweaking the navigation of your site; you can then anticipate where consumers will click and provide a clear call to action to help them locate what they need.

Ensure your website is social

Currently, one of the most popular ways to share news is through social media; it is proven to be a quick and easy way to share information. By ensuring that your website is social, it could help customers to stay and keep up to date with events and news. It’s often quicker to find and read something through social media as this is the 21st century and people rely more and more on getting their news through varying platforms.

Responsive website design

More users around the world are accessing the internet from mobile devices than from desktop computers. Having a responsive website should be the first thing on your new website checklist. We cannot stress how important it is that customers can access your site on the go and that their journey is consistent from what they see on their desktop to their mobile phone or tablet.

Ensure your website is user-friendly

Your website must be user-friendly and attractive, while it might be doing what you want it to do, it could be attracting more people. If a website looks more attractive and easy to use, then more people will visit it. User-friendliness is extremely important content management systems will help things to run more smoothly on the web. If audiences cannot manoeuvre the website in an easy way, then they may not decide to use it in the future.

Efficient and simple design

Having a great website design not only adds credibility to your business, but coupled with the right message and clear navigation, this will help the trust your visitors have. Once you have the homepage design settled, you will have the fonts, colours and general design styles that make your brand stand out.

Are you satisfied with your content?

As any Wigan website design company will tell you: great websites need great content. If you are going for a less is more approach, then you need to ensure that your website text is both relevant and interesting to your audience. Try and consider other types of content that you could use to bring your website to life. It is not just about the written word, images, videos and downloadable resources are also great ways of demonstrating the value of your brand.

As your business evolves, your prospects may evolve, too; this means your website will need to develop to stay relevant and up to date.

In this digital day and age, your website is your shop window; it is there to attract an audience with the potential to become future customers.