Should you have a newsletter sign up on an eCommerce website? 

By promoting your website using a newsletter is a great way to reach new customers and retain existing ones. It is also a fast and cost effective. Its a great way to promote your brand, show people what offers you currently have, what new products you might have and more. In today’s blog I am going to talk about why having a newsletter sign up on your eCommerce website is effective and beneficial from the best web design agency in Manchester.

Why is it important to have a newsletter

Having a newsletter sign up on your website allows you to promote your brand and the products you sell. It is a great way to communicate with your new customers and retaining customers. You can inform them about what new products that you have and what offers that you have for them. The great thing about having a newsletter is that you can open them anywhere. Whether your commuting to work and just sat down watching the TV, people are able to open your newsletter as long as they have their phone on them.

Targeting your audience

If you have a eCommerce website you should know by now who your target audience is. You should have segmented your audience by various categories such as, age, location, gender and any others that relate to your products or your brand. After doing this you can then tailor your news letter to your audience so people will buy your products, making it more effective.

What should you include

When it comes to what content you should have within your newsletter there are a few things you need to take into consideration.

Keeping your newsletter simple is  important when it comes to eCommerce. You don’t want to overwhelm people with lots of content that might not be relevant your audience. We have talked about before on another blog that people want to have the information right in front of them, and this is what you should do when it comes to your newsletter. Keep it simple.

Make your Call To Action clear to people who have signed up to your newsletter. When we create a newsletter we always make it clear on what we want our subscribers to do. Even when we want them to sign up to our newsletter. Doing this will boost your visits to your website and hopefully increase your sales.

How do I get people to sign up

Having the content for a newsletter is great but only if people are subscribed to it. Getting people to sign up is the hardest part. People will usually sign up to your newsletter if they get something in return. For example, on your newsletter popup you can have a offer that pops up when they sign up for the newsletter. Before people sign up you should also tell people what they are going to see in your newsletter if they sign up. So what content are you going to include and how often are you going to send out the newsletter.