Nine ways to improve your website's local SEO

Nine Ways To Improve Local SEO

Local SEO is a game-changer for many locally sourced businesses. With the turntable of events, local SEO is also changing in tandem. Changes happen overnight, and revamping the algorithm is no longer tedious. With every detail at our fingertips, we need to focus on the scope for improvement.

After all, improvements are the toadstool for progress. If we don’t learn from our past mistakes, then the entire experimentation and testing phase will waste. In today’s competitive world, we have to take the reins and decide which attribute in our strategy requires a refresh.

Here is a list of 9 factors that can help us improve your local SEO:

Google My Business

If the motive is to appear in the Google Map search results, it is essential to register on Google My Business. With a business listing, we can add all the necessary details connected with our business.

Please remember to update the listing and check for any duplicate listings since it can confuse consumers. Hence, verify the credentials and regain ownership of all the business listings. Ensure that all vital details such as time of operation and important announcements are available on the business page.

Local Keyword Research

We are well-aware of the importance of keyword research. Ensure that you’re using a majority of local keywords so that it fulfils the criteria of proximity and relevancy.

Google has a brilliant tool called Keyword Planner, which can help us decide on keywords that can work. Once we have prepared a list of appropriate keywords, we can strategically include them in the website content, business description, image text and so forth.

Positive Reviews

The crux of every business is in the fact that it keeps its customers happy and satisfied. Customer satisfaction scores are high in the metrics of business progress. Hence, it is best when a customer highlights our business’s best points and helps others decide.

After all, people scroll away to look at the ratings and reviews because they like to know and understand the previous experiences. They prefer to know more of the business through the users rather than the owners. Hence, always include the feedback form and emphasize our service to give us glowing recommendations.

Location Pages

If our business has multiple locations, then the location pages give an overview of all the possible sites. We can decide whether we need to add the street or any other geographical landmark to the search.

Our website’s landing page also gives an introductory view of our business locations and the category of people that it can cater to. Hence, it is better to provide descriptions that are locally sourced and relevant for the search intent.

Online Directories

Today, all business listings are readily available in online directories like MapQuest, Yelp and so forth. By adding the necessary details such as the name, address and contact information, we can boost our online presence and the local SEO.

A significant point to remember is that we need to maintain uniformity and relevancy of the three attributes crucial to finding our business online. The characteristics include the name, whether it includes Inc. or Co. at the end. The address may have the street or avenue mentioned and the contact information, which can have single or multiple email addresses.

Hence, as we stick to the basic information, we can get better at remaining consistent and providing our business’s comprehensive data.

Responsive Website

A responsive website design is fundamental in today’s world, where people prefer mobility and portability. Smartphones and tablets are preferable to desktops or laptops because of the ease of use and accessibility.

Hence, if your Manchester website design is not responsive, it would not open in the mobile browser or show reduced functionality. To improve the mobile user experience, we should have faster loading times, a compatible design, easy-to-read text, and relevant visuals.

Integrate Social media

Social media platforms enhance online presence and visibility by keeping us updated with trends and technology. These platforms enable their widespread use and accessibility because of the large number of users and the tools employed to make them successful.

Every social media site revolves around a unique characteristic that sets it apart from the rest. The common factor among all platforms is the reach and recognition that it can fetch our business.

Quality Links

Backlinks are an essential factor for improving ranking and search results. High-quality backlinks are vital for expanding the scope of our business and enhancing its reach.

The easiest way to obtain high-quality backlinks is to improve the website’s quality so that individuals would like to connect to our site. Improve upon the domain authority of the site and focus on establishing connections with reputable sources.

Consistent Content

As we all know already, content is the foundation of our business. Publishing content that is relatable, locally adapted, and in line with the crowds helps establish a connection and increase online visitors to our website.

We can achieve this by writing about local stories, achievements and goals of the population in and around the area. Also, mentioning the causes we believe in and the organizations we support help reinstate the locals’ faith.


Local SEO is the change that will prepare our business for the future. Hence, it is essential and relevant in today’s context. All these factors are a best practice that can be a part of our local SEO strategy’s improvement plan.