The Number One Reason to Use a Website Design Company Manchester

Today consumers are treated to a variety of do-it-yourself web development platforms, each of which promise a dazzling website for a fraction of the price you’d expect to pay a Website Design Company Manchester. They promise that the average Joe need no longer baulk at the prospect of designing their own site, that it’s easy to design a website that’s aesthetically eye-catching, easy to navigate, and will feature prominently on Google rankings. 

This, however is simply not the case. If you want a website that converts visits into revenue, it’s paramount that you employ a professional website design company. After all, you wouldn’t expect a Sunday league team to compete with Manchester United in the FA Cup Final, would you? Here are five reasons why you should always employ the services of a website design company Manchester – culminating with the number one reason that you can’t afford to ignore.

The Design

Your website is the face of your business. It’s your ultimate selling pitch. A good website reinforces business values and builds brand recognition. To achieve this, years of honed expertise is required. A good website will grab user’s attention with an eye-catching design, strong brand proposition and clear calls to action. You’ll be able to navigate the site with ease, find valuable content immediately, and create a rich user-experience that’ll have visitors coming back for more time and time again. Mapping out the user-experience (UX) and wireframe from the outset, professional website designers will create a tailored and malleable site that creates a unique experience for visitors, whilst making sure the point of the site is clearly defined. This is the key to a successful design.

Navigation and Integration

A good website will need to adapt to evolving online trends and practices. The digital landscape can change so rapidly that in a matter of 18 months a once cutting-edge website may well be old hat. This is no more apparent than with template website designs found on CMS platforms. As attractive as they may initially seem, there is simply no scope for additional functionality or design modifications to be made once the site is uploaded. Is it worth sacrificing design ease for customer value? The advantage of having a site designed by a website design company Manchester, it that it can be tailored to meet the evolving nature of web design and business enterprise. Extra functionality can be added as required and updated as your business evolves. You can also integrate your website with other areas of your business. This is especially useful for e-commerce websites with an expanding product range. Integrated sales orders platforms can be updated as product ranges change, with all payments processed through an online accounting system. Any non-standard integration features can also evolve with the business. These can include a client portal or similar web-based application, and CRM (customer relationship management) or ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems. An experienced website design company knows how to successfully manage the integration of these features with the existing site content seamlessly.

Responsive Website Design

In truth, most modern templates are responsive; however, they feature generic templates. The likelihood is that content will need to be designed around the template. This can create design limitations. But why is this become a problem? Today, there are more searches performed on mobile devices than on laptop and desktop computers. Responsive website templates simply don’t feature the degree of flexibility needed to achieve a consistent user experience when browsing through different pages on the site. Consider the amount of people you see every day on the train, tube or Metrolink on the way to and from work. Our guess is that most everyone is immersed in the content on their smartphones, tablets and iPads. Without an impeccably responsive site visitors won’t stick, meaning you’ll lose potential customers – and revenue. Working with a website design company Manchester, enables any website tweaks to be made once the site is live, enhancing the user-experience by having optimal website page displays across your entire website.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a fine art – and, as with website design and content, SEO evolves at lightning pace. Google consistently move the goalposts, changing the requirements needed to achieve strong organic listings, sometimes in the space of a few short months. A website design company Manchester will embed the latest SEO principals into each custom-designed website. This means that your website will automatically rank well from the first day its uploaded. Not only that but the ongoing support you’ll receive from account managers will prove invaluable, helping your site to achieve a prominent ranking possible, even when on-site and off-site tweaks are made to the content.

Project Management

The number one reason to employ the services of a website design company Manchester is that the whole project will be managed flawlessly. This gives customers the confidence that their new build will be completed within the negotiated timeframe, and to the highest standards. All questions will be answered throughout the design process by a dedicated account manager. Customers gain the confidence that the website build will be afforded the support and attention needed to succeed in every aspect. Blue Whale Media is a full-service digital marketing agency, based in the heart of Cheshire. We can create stunning, bespoke websites that tell the world your story. Contact us TODAY on: 01925 552050 or visit us here TODAY.

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