Why is October such a busy time for web designers?

October, October oh how we enjoy October! October is by far our most creative month. It’s the best time of year to be a web designer. All our online shops are starting to prepare for Christmas and Cyber Monday and all our brochure websites are well on the way to being complete in time for the new year. The winter months is a great time for business and has such a buzz about it. From people excited about the new year and making a change starting their own businesses. To existing businesses that want to ensure their online presence is in place for the new year.

Why do people prepare for the New Year three months ahead of it?

Mainly because it takes three months for them to be able to gather all their new information, for us to make the changes and for them to approve them. Sometimes people are having a full rebuild, which can be a length task. They may be getting content written, which has a two-week lead time. or they may have a fairly big website which takes longer for us to build. They may one additional features that need coding into the website. There are so many variables but all of them result in extra time being required. The average website builds these days takes in the region of six weeks from payment to go live date.

What else can affect lead times in winter? 

Not only do we see a huge upsurge in our current clients amending their websites, but there is also a sense of urgency for any clients that have paid but not been ready to be built. The new year brings with it the hope of a better year for most, us included and therefore most companies will make a huge push to ensure they are ready for it. This goes for new client as well. We see a big push from mid-October to mid-November in website commissions which can also effect the lead time of website completions. Remember to keep things fair we operate a first come first serve basis with our builds meaning the quicker you provide your information to us the faster you move into the build queue. This can result in you have a two-week lead time for completion instead of a six. So, it pays to be organised at this time of year.

So why shouldn’t I just wait until the New year if you’re so busy? 

Firstly, anyone who asks that question must be crazy! Every business bar none is busier in January. It’s the month we have nicknamed “Sort It” for us this means that every business takes on the challenge of sorting their online presence for the year ahead. But for you this could be that people have decided that they want more personal time this year so they need home improvements or a cleaner or an accountant etc. The New Year Promise has a lot to answer for with small businesses. Secondly it is also when bigger companies normally reset their budgets. This means that they have the money to spend on online marketing etc. All of this effects how busy web designer and online marketing agencies like ourselves become and therefore how long it will take for your website to be built. So don’t get caught in the trap and start the New year with your website instead of waiting for it.

Do we have any tips on organising yourself to ensure your website is built quickly?

Tip one. Budget for content writing. This holds up at least 70% of all our website builds. Just because you know your businesses doesn’t mean you A. Can put that into words B. Concisely explain it to a potential client when you aren’t face to face or on the phone. C. Have the time to write it. Content writing is a skill! It is also one of the fastest growing services within Blue Whale, with nearly 60% of all our clients choosing to have their content written for them. Most of these even thought they could write it themselves until two months had passed and they hadn’t had the time to produce anything. So, don’t waste the time you have, budget for content at the beginning.

What other factors delay the build time of a website?

The main other delay in website builds is amendments to design. Within our welcome pack we ask for example websites that you like. We can’t stress enough how much this matters. If you provide us with examples that is what we will work to enhance when creating your website. So this is a major factor in ensuring you get the website you desire, spend time and look at as many as possible and pick out as many features etc. from all different websites. This will enable us to get a greater understanding of what you are looking for.

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