Off Page SEO vs On Page SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) usually involves the various actions which websites take in an attempt to make them easily visible for relevant online searches. In the current digital world SEO is the ultimate marketing strategy that will ensure your website gets more visitation traffic, earn quality backlinks that show authoritativeness within your industry among other benefits that will set you apart from competitors. However, according to SEO agency in Warrington, to effectively optimize your website you should be familiar with the two SEO categories (on-page and off-page SEO) and understand how they relate to bring about the desired results.

Meaning of on-page and off-page SEO

When search engines are looking at the various factors that are used in the evaluation of websites in comparison to other sites. On-page and off-page SEO are the main categories used to determine how high the website will rank and what they will be ranking for. On-page SEO is usually concerned with the specifics about what your website entails, various things that are within your control that you can change appropriately to suit the website’s needs. Off-page SEO on the other hand, are factors beyond your control as a website owner such as its popularity, authoritativeness, etc. and generally determines how high the website will rank.

On-page SEO features that influence your website’s ranking

On-page SEO factors involve the optimization of variables that are within your control and have an effect on the overall SEO ranking of your business site. There are several factors which fall under this category and some of them include;

Internal Linking

Linking is the provision of avenues through which the visitors on your page can be directed to other useful information. External links direct visitors to other websites for relevant content while internal links will direct them to different pages but within your website. Internal linking helps organize your website making it easy for both prospective clients and Google robots to navigate the website giving a clear understanding of your site’s purpose and thus ranked accordingly.

Written Content

People online are usually looking for information on various fields, research on products or services before they decide to purchase, updates on new trends among other things. You are therefore required to conduct some research on your target audience, understand what issues affect them and come up with quality, well- written and relevant content that would help solve their issues and position yourself as an authority in that field. According to SEO agency in Warrington, Google has ways in which it evaluates whether the content is suitable for specific keywords or not and considering, the search engine always wants to present the best possible result for customer satisfaction you should optimize your content to be one of the best to rank high.

Loading speed

Google always wants to present the most suitable answer for their clients within the shortest time possible. Pages that take longer to load therefore rank generally lower than their counterparts which are fast considering page load speed is an on-page SEO ranking tool used in website evaluation. Furthermore, SEO agency in Warrington found out that most people online usually abandon pages which load for more than 3 seconds, these individuals usually head straight for other competing brands and as a result, you lose potential customers who would have otherwise purchased from your business.

Image alt tags

Search engines do not see images the same way that people do, they need additional information to interpret and understand what the image is about to appropriately rank them for relevant keywords. Apart from using the alt text to describe the image, you should as well optimize these text by insertion of relevant keywords to optimize it for SEO and help you rank better.

Heading tags

Page headings are usually the first thing that people see and as well have relevance in the evaluation of the pages SEO ranking. You should come up with a heading that is interesting enough to make people want to click on and optimized for the various search engines to rank high as well. It is also advisable to strategically include keywords on the headline to further improve its SEO functions and increase your website’s visibility online.

Off-page SEO

Essentially Off-page SEO usually concentrates on ensuring the website stands out as an authority in your industry and possibly get links from another website which is Google robots interpret as a sign of expertise in your niche. The more links you get your website, the more authoritative your site becomes which comes with SEO benefits that help the website to rank higher. All in all, the quality of links you get is more beneficial compared to the quantity considering being linked to by market influencers will not only bring forth SEO benefits but direct their significantly larger audience to your site which may potentially boost your sales. A few ways through which you can increase your website backlinks include.

  • Coming up with great, well researched and relevant content that targets your audience needs and solve specific issues that they face.
  • Ensure your content is easily shareable via the various social media platforms to increase your reachability and possibly generate links.
  • Reach out to influential brands within your niche, inform them of your new content and get them to link to your content.
  • Conducting guest blogging on other related websites and ensuring the guest blogs have relevant links that link to your website.


Both on-page and off-page SEO are crucial for the websites’ overall search engine ranking and work hand in hand to ensure your website is competitive enough against other brands. I recommend striking a balance between the two SEO categories so that the search engines as well as prospective clients understand what the website is about and build its authoritativeness in the industry as well. Website optimization can be done on your own depending on your knowledge and understanding of the subject or you can get professional help from competent organizations. Contact Blue Whale Media Ltd today via Email: [email protected] or Tel: 03332101218 and get the best professional help for all the SEO needs of your website.