Office Decor Day at Blue Whale Media

If you haven’t already noticed, Christmas is a considerably big deal at Blue Whale Media Ltd. We love to get in the festive spirit and every year we like to turn our offices into a grotto and 2019 has been no exception. Our staff choose to decorate every surface possible; desks, pillars, shelving units and everything in between.

The Tree

The cornerstone of any Christmas decoration is the tree. As soon as Halloween is over, we dust off the tree and drape the tinsel and twinkly lights. As we have recently updated our branding, we have also added to our christmas decorations. Company colours are a must, and this year we have chosen to incorporate blue and gold into every bit of decorating that we can.


Often just an addition to the Christmas tree, we think we may have bought most of the gold baubles from the local supermarket and put them on our ceiling. In total, Lewis and Matthew, our tallest people, decorated the roof of the office with gold and blue baubles. It definitely adds an extra festive touch to the room and watching the team try to hang them was definitely something for us to laugh about.

Bernard the Elf

A new addition to the festive period at Blue Whale Media is Bernard the Elf. We have been huge fans of Elf on the Shelf and every year we have enjoyed the fun scenarios that the elf finds himself in. We decided that it was time for us to invest in our own elf for the office. Needless to say, he has already found himself in many mischievous scenarios! We have been enjoying taking pictures of him every day to document what mayhem he has been causing. So far, we have caught him trying to escape through a window, stealing our tuck shop items and making photocopies of himself!

Christmas Posters and Door Bow

Throughout the Blue Whale office, we have posters and signs for our staff. Normally, they are filled with pictures of our staff members and inspirational quotes from some of our favourite business owners. When Christmas rolls around, our graphics team create new, festive posters, showcasing some of our great work over Christmas and listing the many staff events that we have over the festive period.

Adorning the main entrance to the Blue Whale Media offices is a huge gold and blue bow. We like to show our Christmas spirit to the whole of Birchwood Boulevard and each year we love our door bow. With our updated colour scheme this year, we wanted to incorporate the new colours, so we added a few baubles for an extra flair.


Christmas is our favourite time of the year at Blue Whale and we love to surround ourselves with beautiful decorations that help our festive cheer. Each year, we aim to make the office more grotto like and as Christmassy as possible.