Case Study blog about Olympic Competitions new website by Blue Whale Media

Olympic Competitions New Website

There are numerous elements when building a competition or raffle website. However, if you’re looking to have a competition website built, there is a lot of information you will need to provide.

With every business, there is a legal side of a website, but with raffles and competitions, it will be up to you to supply and publish ‘terms of conditions’ and ‘privacy policies’ for your competition business. Other than that the process is pretty simple, you just have to know what prizes you’re raffling off and get in touch with an London website design agency like ourselves at Blue Whale Media.

Our design team has just completed a competition website project for Olympic Competitions, here’s what we did:

Olympic Competitions Website Creation from Blue Whale Media 

Olympic Competitions came to us for a website built as a brand new company starting up a competition brand. The new website design is sleek, professional and highlights their brand very effectively. This was imperative because they want people who are entering their competitions to trust them to be a professional business.

With competition and raffle websites, trust from website visitors is essential in order to get them to interact with competitions online. If they don’t believe that there is a physical and legitimate business behind the website they won’t enter the competition, losing you further business.

What did we do? 

Our team of designers created a new website for Olympic Competitions, using a dark colour scheme with a splash of colour. This is the perfect combination to accentuate their key elements, we also came up with a new logo design that complimented the website.

We integrated Mailchimp to get more and more customers to subscribe to their newsletter, hopefully in turn gaining more traffic to their website. We made things more convenient for customers by adding a brand-new cart function. 

Newest Impressive Features of Olympic Competitions’ Website

Olympic Competitions’ new website showcases many new features, they also have a new logo that has been created for further brand awareness. We have added a hover animation feature, alongside a new login function. By including these features the company can properly promote themselves and the user-experience is improved. We wanted Olympic Competitions to stand out amongst its competitors and offer everything they need to run the website smoothly. 

Competition Website Fundamentals 

As the rivalry grows in this sector, you’ll need to find your niche in the field and base your brand around it to make it unique. This can be as simple as only creating specific prize competitors, such as cars or tech, but it can be more dynamic if you have a particular interest that will work in the competition environment. Too much information and decoration will distract the user from the real reason they are visiting your website – to spend money and enter competitions.

Websites have become a core part of most organisations sales and marketing efforts. Today’s web-savvy consumers are looking for experiences that meet their needs in a speedy, interactive and reliable way.

Regardless of the industry, remaining relevant and competitive within your field is at the top of your agenda. If you would like more information about a competition website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Blue Whale Media.