Get the most out of your Instagram marketing with on-brand Instagram stories and highlights.

How to Design On-Brand Instagram Stories

Creating an Instagram aesthetic that catches peoples attention is the number one goal for any brand. With the rise of Instagram stories, having a recognizable look and feel is now more critical than ever.

In today’s blog, find out how to design the perfect Instagram story that will engage your audience.

Design a Branding Kit

Having good branding quickly communicates the right feel for your product or service. Having the right branding can persuade people to make a purchase. It also creates emotion towards your brand and an identity that communicates with people without even saying a word. This is the first thing you should do before starting any type of content.

However, your Instagram story doesn’t have to be that complicated. Having a consistent colour palette and font will make your stories look professional and recognizable. Take the time to find the right colours for your brand and also have a look at what font will suit your brand.

Use the right filters

When you have clarified your branding, it is time to start designing your stories. With filters, you need to choose ones that represent your brand. So if your brand is bright and colourful, then you would prefer a warm or retro effect to complement your images better. Instagram has a range of different filters and features that you can experiment with to make your content stand out. Sometimes you might find that not adding filters to your content might be the best way forward for you.

Create your template

If you wanted your Instagram stories to be consistently on-brand, you could create your templates. Having these templates could reduce time and helps your brand to stay within your brand guidelines.

If your not much of a designer there is no need to worry. Multiple design sites have premade templates that can help you create the right design. One system we use is called Canva. We mainly use Canva when our designers don’t have enough time to design templates for us.

When you make your templates make sure you have a few different templates for different occasions but have your branding. This is, so people don’t get bored with the same design every time you post.

Include your logo

Even though heavily branded posts on social media are not very popular at all, I would recommend adding your logo to your Instagram story. Adding your logo to your story reminds people who you are in a natural and pleasing way. If you upload a video to your story the best place to have your company logo is at the begging or at the end of your story.

Brand your highlights

Creating highlights gives a chance for people to have a better knowledge of who you are and what your company is about. The main thing to do here is to keep within your brand guidelines and to keep the colours and tones the same as your theme. For example, if your brand is bright and colourful, you could use abstract shapes or even cartoon-like designs. This would complement your Instagram page.