Operation Christmas Child at Blue Whale Media

As the festive season is in full swing, our office is full of Christmas cheer. Our team loves to celebrate together, give gifts and reflect on what has been a fantastic year for Blue Whale Media. Each year, we take part in Secret Santa within the office and our love of gift giving expands to partake in Operation Christmas Child.

What is Operation Christmas Child?

Operation Christmas Child is ran by The Samaritans every year and is a fantastic cause that helps ensure that children around the world receive a gift on Christmas morning. Such a simple gesture can help hundreds of thousands of children around the world have the same joy as so many of us on Christmas morning.

Each year, The Samaritans provide boxes to anyone who would like to take part to fill with gifts for either a little boy or little girl. These boxes are wrapped by you and dropped at a local pick up point to be sent around the world ready for Christmas morning.

What did we send?

The Samaritans also provide a comprehensive list with each box to help people fill them with appropriate gifts for their chosen child. The list provides information surrounding what you can and cannot put into the box. The ages range from:

2-4, 5-9, 10-14

In each box you can place a range of gifts ranging from toiletries and essential items that we may take from granted to soft toys, like teddies, footballs and dolls. Nothing perishable or that could be used in an alternative fashion can be packed in the shoebox.


Who will receive it?

Operation Christmas Child ships to hundreds of different countries around the world. When you pack your box, you choose if you would like a boy or a girl to receive your gift box. When you choose a gender, you also choose an age range. The gift boxes are wrapped and sent around the world to children. Hundreds of children have benefited from the kindness of strangers and every year the operation grows from strength to strength.

Our team at Blue Whale Media enjoy shopping for our chosen children and love to spend time wrapping the gifts and ensuring that children have something to open on Christmas morning.

When the shoeboxes are complete, our management team drop them at a designated collection point for The Samaritans to pick up and distribute around the world. We are unsure where exactly they end up, but we know that a child benefits and enjoys a gift over the festive period.


Every year, our team is proud to take part in giving back to different organisations and charities over the festive period. We are always happy to give back at Christmas and our team look forward to taking part in Operation Christmas Child every year. If you would still like to give to The Samaritans before Christmas, you can find all the information here