How to Optimise for Featured Snippets in Google

You have to stay updated on all of Google’s features if you are garnering traffic from it. Google has this normalized behavior of always changing its features. It is imperative for you to understand them, so you could figure out the workaround of its search rankings. You would expect the competitors to be just as sly and tough as you would want to be. You have to keep tabs on them.

The results on Google aren’t just about plain links anymore. The first and foremost thing that people notice is snippets when they are on the lookout for words and phrases. They are quickly growing each year with huge amounts of a leap on the statistics conducted. You can optimize yours now by considering the important pointers listed below, according to our helpful SEO experts in Liverpool.

Find Competitor Snippets

It isn’t just a great analytics resource, but you can use this tool to locate featured snippets. You can make out the featured snippets earned by your competitors and the featured snippets that are already in the ranking by you. The only job you have to carry out is to run a regular type of domain search and click on “Organic Research.”

Then you can proceed to click on the featured snippets. You are also able to filter keywords by choosing the option of “Advanced Filters” for including snippets. Once you have gotten the details on your competitor’s snippets, you can easily optimize your content with the same topics and words.

Discover Snippet Opportunities with Google

You have to think like your visitors to optimize the snippets. The marketing world has tons of acronyms and terms that are often confusing to people. For instance, let us execute a short search on “What is a CTA in marketing.”

You will notice that there is a featured snippet present in the form of a paragraph. It will consist of a series of procedures. Plus, who knows the content that is featured might already be yours. You can always check out the section of “People also ask” for more ideas if it isn’t present.

Locate Content Ideas on Answer the Public

A lot of the questions tend to bring in featured snippets that require you to answer a multitude of aspects such as who, when, where, what, or how. Answer the Public is probably the best platform to find out about these types of questions.

You have to address the questions properly. We advise you to remember that proper keyword research is imperative before you get into it. You have to select the keywords that are SEO friendly.

Do Some Keyword Research

This is a familiar thing; which we assume you would already be doing. You can start optimizing your research on a keyword to help obtain the featured snippets. It is always smart to utilize some tools to carry out that work, such as Google Keyword Planner, DataForSEO, Long Tail Pro, and Serpstat. You can enter the link, domain, or keyword and see if you come across any featured snippets.

It will uncover the featured snippets of your competitors. It will also help you in finding out if your higher-ranking keyword is brought up by Google for featured snippets. If they do, then you should try ranking it by answering the queries that customers bring up regarding the topic. Then, you can proceed to format your content by including tags that are relatable to the questions asked.

Answering Numerous Questions

You should be aware of the fact that once a featured snippet is uncovered, it will be featured in many other related questions as well. That is why the structuring of an article is important, and it should be created in a way that answers all of the related queries as well within a single location.

It is smart to beef up on a single solid article that is answerable to a plethora of other related questions. It will help garner featured snippets, and the word count is something you have to be cautious of. It is a huge factor that needs consideration.

Sticking to The Ideal Word Count

This is an important aspect that you have to be vigilant of. We recommend you to keep your section concise and tight. In this way, Google will be able to feature your content easily. We advise you to always section off your paragraphs, steps, and lists instead of letting them run in a group.

According to an analysis, the most common content length within featured snippets was between 40-50 words. It is best if you try to keep your content section not more than 50 words and less than 40. Another important tip would be to utilize headers for breaking up the sections of content.

Adding a “How To” Section

As we all know that featured snippets are excellent for attracting site traffic and scoring new leads. It is best to redesign your webpage in a manner that allows you to optimize the content on “How To.” There are a decent number of websites that offer an entire section on their webpage that are specifically meant for answering queries of the readers.

In this section, you can include answers pertaining to commonly asked queries regarding your goods and services or the industry itself.

Use of High-Quality Images & Videos

You can also make use of top-quality pictures and videos for boosting the chances of featured snippets ranking. Images and videos are a clever tactic as a majority of the people love to learn through visuals. Here, you can use the Canva tool for creating excellent quality images.

Most people love learning via videos that come with texts. You can execute this by using a voice transcript on all of your videos. The text will be recognized by Google, and it might end up being a featured snippet.

Summing It Up

You can follow the above-mentioned tactics to secure optimizing featured snippets in Google. Featured snippets are getting popular by the day, and they answer all of the queries that people look out for. It is incredibly quick, convenient, and easy to read. Now you can beat your rivals by boosting conversions and driving site traffic directly to your page.