How to optimise your Google My Business listing

SEO is costly, competitive, and it’s not easy. But the most promising thing is that there are various free tools one can use to optimize search rankings.

Google My Business is a free tool by Google that enables business owners to manage information listing in search. You can manage your location on Google maps, the knowledge graph, and online reviews with the help of Google My Business. Google My Business can help you set up your business location such that if you are operating a local business, many people are in a position to find you when they search in Google Maps. SEO Warrington can help you to create a Google My Business account that will enable your customers to find you more conveniently when they search you on Google.

A study shows that 50% of the people who do a local search either using their smartphones, tablets, or laptops, visit the store they find the very same day. In most cases, when people are searching Google, before seeing any other outcomes, the first view a map and three top local listings. With the top three choices, people get a lot of information and can see how other potential customers have rated each of them. This is enough information for many customers to decide and head out even without scrolling further down.

It is, therefore, essential for local businesses to ensure that your Google My Business listing is at an optimal level. Here are some tips on how to optimize your Google My Business listing:

Set up your Google Business Listing

As a business owner, the first thing you need to do is to claim your Google My Business Listing. To begin, you need to go to Google My Business page and click “Start Now.” Then make sure you fill all the fields that Google offers, ensure that the profile is complete with relevant and accurate information. In case you don’t have a physical store, you also need to have your Google My Business account. In the setup wizard will ask if you want to add a location for customers visiting. Say No and list your business as a “service area business,” indicating the cities you cover.

Choose a relevant, specific category

Choosing a particular category will enable Google to decide the searches your local listing belongs to. Category types are provided from the list; hence you need to choose from there. In case you find no specific category that fits your business, then settle on a general category that accurately describes tour business. SEO Warrington can provide you with the most relevant category after examining your business.

Upload quality, high-resolution images.

Photos are vital as far as your listing is concerned. A photo gives your customers a clear glimpse of what to expect. Ensure you use high-quality images that are eye-catching and best portray your products. If possible, hire a Google-approved photographer to visit your business for customers. Listings for products that have a virtual tour and photos have twice interest compared to those without.

Correctly matching information everywhere else

The consistency in which a product is listed on different websites is what Google’s algorithm depends on to verify the legitimacy of a listing. It is essential to have a standard way to write your address, have a consistent phone number in use, and ensure all your listings are matching correctly to the information on the website. Always work toward your website listed in various directories as much as possible.

Use a local phone number

As far as you are keeping your phone number consistent in many listings, it is also vital to use a phone number with local area code. That is an indicator to Google that you are local. Display the number you are applying for your Google My Business listing on your home page.

Avoid penalty-inducing offenses

In case you incur any penalty in your work to optimize your website or local listing, it is terrible. Google suspends business listings if they commit certain offenses. Getting suspension is stressing, hectic, and among all bad for the business. It is, therefore, necessary to avoid anything that can put you to this risk. Ensure you don’t play around with the system, ensure you follow the latter the Google guidelines correctly, and you will be on the right side of Google. SEO Warrington can offer advice on the Dos and DONTs of Google to avoid the penalties.

Gather reviews

Local businesses that are listed in the map snippet of a local search, in most cases, have a star rating just next to its name. The reason for doing this is that Google wants its users to acquire more information as possible, and the users to know the best nearby business. It benefits your business by having a high star rating. You can ask your potential customers to give you a review on Google. Reminding your customers how much their reviews on Google can help your business can make your loyal customers write a few comments about you.

Optimise your website and content for SEO

Anything that can help you strengthen your website in the eyes of Google is of great essence. Never put all your effort into optimizing your local listing and forgetting to optimize your site. You can employ SEO Warrington for your website and content optimization. Ensure that you incorporate all the relevant keywords into the Meta tags and copy them on each page. Also, ensure you add a schema mark upon your website as well as creating content having a local focus. Explore local linking opportunities.


Having a reliable website that optimizes both the customers and search engines will have a high chance to be in the list of top three in a local Google search. Even if Local SEO consumes more time and it involves a lot of work, it finally pays handsomely. If you want someone in your city to look at what you sell easily, then no doubt, Google is the most convenient way to get in touch with your customers at the very moment. Do not lose an opportunity just because you didn’t create time to optimize your Google My Business Listing properly.

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