How to optimise videos to use them on websites

How To Optimise Videos For Websites

Including videos to websites look professionally appealing. Did you know that humans take in visuals 60,000 times faster than text? Adding videos to your website can give more information to users in less time. Also, creating original and exciting video content elevates your branding strategy. 

We believe optimising your video file or size and improvising according to website formats increase user experience and conversions. 

Check out these steps in detail to make attractive videos for your website:

Effectively compress videos  

We know that smaller size videos are easier to upload and download as well. You can successfully compress videos for your website using efficient data compressing tools without reducing video quality. According to research, the average video size for websites limits up to 729Kb. 

Here is a list of some of the best video data compression tools:

  • Blazemp 
  • Format Factory
  • Handbrake 
  • Video Zilla
  • Video Compressor

Nonetheless, we recommend that you better not compromise on the video quality when compressing the size. Potential users prefer high-resolution videos that spark quality. 

Remove audio from muted videos.

We consider it best that you do away with the audio records from muted videos and safe space. Use video editing software to remove the audio or FFmpeg tool. 

Make use of HTML5 supported formats.

HTML5 video converters help developers to upload original videos without the issue of plugins or codecs. You can also upload video files in batches and convert them into HTML5 supported format. You can convert the forms to MP4 or WebM. 

We suggest looking up these HTML5 formats – HTML5 Video Converter, Online-convert, Handbrake, Miro Video convertor. 

Enhance with Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a link that globally connects servers allowing end-users to access cached Web content. CDN gives faster content delivery because of its effective strategy to get a server nearest to the users. For this reason, we deem it necessary that you get on track with a CDN to improvise on videos. It will also enhance user satisfaction as viewers do not have to wait to load the videos. 

Upload and stream videos from the server  

Before the introduction of video streaming technology, people tirelessly downloaded videos to watch them. But now, you can upload videos that users can watch without downloading the content. 

Use HTML5 for better performance. Add video tags to your website page, allowing it to stream the video directly on all browsers. 

Create videos for Mobile 

It is apparent that people now browse continuously on mobile rather than on their computers. We know from this that it is crucial to make mobile-friendly videos. You can resize the width of the video without reducing the feature ratio. 

If a web page has video backgrounds, it will be difficult for smartphone users to get access. Experienced developers suggest producing a different background for smartphone devices. 


Your website speaks for your business. So, it is imperative to create valuable video content that elevates the user experience. 

Every business follows different strategies, and videos may not be appealing for some. However, we find optimising videos for websites to be beneficial as visuals grab users’ attention and increase branding. 

Every person loves listening to a story. Tell your story through a video!