Optimising above the fold content

Optimising Above-the-Fold Content

Content creating and web designing are not as simple as many people think. You have to take many things into account and see what the market trends are at the moment. Digital marketing is volatile, so strategies that are good for you now can stop being it in the future. 

However, one of the most essential things when writing content is to see what to do with your above the fold content. This was a fundamental thing to consider years ago, but some people think it’s not as important as it was anymore. Therefore, some of them leave the best part of their content to the end of their pages 

Although the percentage of people who don’t scroll down a page has decreased, optimising your above the fold content is still important. According to research, the majority of people still spend the majority of their page-view time looking at content above the fold. The best way to do it is to hire a web design company in Manchester that can help to optimise your content & pages for conversions.

At Blue Whale Media, we believe it’s essential for companies looking forward to increasing their leads and prospects to have off-the-charts above the fold content on their pages. Nonetheless, we understand if you can’t fully trust us on that right away. 

Keep reading this page if you want to know why having decent above the fold content is important for companies wanting to boost their digital marketing results. You can also check our website and see if there’s anything you would also like to read. Contact us if you need web development or eCommerce services! 

Why Is It Important to Optimise Above the Fold Content? 

As we mentioned before, above the fold content is important, but why? Well, for starters, it’s the first thing a person sees when getting into your website. While many people who read Google pages are looking for specific information, others are just looking for something that catches their attention. 

The former group may only look for keywords and leave if they don’t find what they are looking for, and the latter is going to probably read the first two paragraphs and leave if they are not interested. 

Above the fold content can help you reduce the bouncing-back rate by a lot in both situations. As for people looking for something specific, they may read your full page if they notice it addresses important topics.

You need to catch the attention of people looking for something interesting as fast as you can, so you can use above the fold content to show special deals and promotions. However, one of the best things you can do with that area is to add a call to action. This allows the user to quickly understand what action they should take on the page.


As you could see by reading the examples listed before, adding valuable information in the fold part of your page can increase your leads and reduce your bouncing-back rate. Regardless of that, you need a good digital marketing team to help you optimise your website content in the best way possible. 

You can always rely on Blue Whale Media to improve your content and help you with the best digital marketing strategies possible. Contact us as soon as you can to get a consultation for your case!