Outdated Graphic Design Trends

Graphic design is an industry which is always changing in all aspects and therefore its trends have changed as well. When following a particular trend, it can be hard to disengage from that trend and move onto the next. Obviously, trends will come and go, similar to website trends, and in this blog, I am going to discuss some design trends that are a little outdated.

Complex Details

Some graphic designers nowadays like to spend too much time on the fine details in their design work. Details that won’t affect the overall piece should be left out as they can often leave work to look cluttered and unorganised. Also, fine details lead to more complex design techniques and therefore leading to bigger lead times on projects. So to make work look neat and well put together you need to often stick to simple and less detailed designs. Whether it’s a focus on the small details or just simple and minimalist designs, our top-notch Manchester web designers are here for you.

Using Bright Colours

Within graphic design, colours have to be appealing, attractive and obviously when having two or more colours they are to complement each other well. Using neon and very bright colours is definitely a trend that had become outdated as Businesses nowadays want the professional look. Bright colour can also make designs look confused and overpowered which could really hinder want your design is trying to say. Using more of a stripped-back colour palette and more muted colours is definitely an approach designers are going for these days.

Focus on Typography

Typography can be massively underrated in design and have a bigger impact on the overall look of a design than you might think. Some design will make use of having body text so making sure the right font is chosen can be quite crucial. It is very easy to start using different types of fonts and by doing this you can make a design look chaotic and messy. When used correctly, using different fonts can make a design look quirky and unique as typography can be a design in itself.

Avoid Using Stock Photography Too Much

Stock photography over the years has been probably the number one help to graphic designers and other designers in the digital industry. However, stock photography can be seen as an easy cop-out or something to fill in the space for free-flowing designs. By not using stock photography, designers are able to use more unique designs as stock photography is available to everyone. This creates a bigger chance for someone to have a similar design to yours as they could be using the same stock imagery as you.

Taking Over White Space

It was once considered that within a design all white space should be filled in and no space should be left empty. Today white space is seen as good as it can add a minimalistic look to a design which is very on-trend in the modern-day and age. With this filling in all white or negative space can be seen as overdoing a design a perhaps making it look cluttered.