Photoshop on mobile

Adobe Photoshop is a raster based programme created for graphics and photo editing. Photoshop is probably one of the best programmes in the world for photo editing and photo manipulation. It does this by making use of individual pixels which makes up a whole image. Each individual pixel can be edited in order to edit the image on a whole. Photoshop is the most popular and well-known photo editing programmes on the globe. Usually used on a desktop, Photoshop is now being made for most devices, including iPads and iPhones.

Adobe Photoshop Express

This programme allows you to edit files and make collages from your device, Dropbox and adobe creative cloud. This programme is available on iOS, Android and Windows phones including tablets. This is more ideal for on the go edits and quick manipulation of photos you may have taken. It isn’t as complex as Photoshop on a desktop, but fairly helpful for small and quick edits to an image or graphic.

Basic Tools

Adobe Photoshop Express is full of the basic tools you will need in order to create stunning and eye-catching photos/graphics. You can crop, straighten, rotate and flip your photos whilst adjusting the contrast, exposure and white balance. These are all tools that can be used for basic photo editing. It also has a text tool creating text that can go over images in order to create more graphic design based work. All these photos can be edited from its raw form where photos can be imported in raw formats. Like Photoshop, it also has multiple effects which can be used. There are up to over 45 effects from different categories of looks such as black and white, nature, portrait and duotones. With Photoshop Express you can also add distinctive borders to give your photos a personal touch.

Advanced Options

It has become easy as ever to share your work with its enhanced sharing experience, it allows you to share your work to multiple destinations through one click. It also has watermark imaging meaning you can easily add custom text or graphics to images creating their very own watermarks.

Benefits and Flaws

Adobe Photoshop Express is well-designed and packed with customizable tools which makes everything accessible and easy to find. It is well designed due to its clear icons and uncluttered menus. There are also more advanced tools which can be found on this than other online photo editors. When finished editing, Photoshop express allows you to save the image straight onto your device. However, the only option is JPG which is a shame as you can’t save it in any other format. It also doesn’t allow you to integrate images straight onto social platforms. It also has restrictions as images can be no wider than 8191 pixels and files have to be smaller than 16MP.

My Opinion

I believe that the mobile version will never be as good as the desktop version as there are a lot more capabilities on the desktop. However, I think that it is very useful for small and quick edits of photos on the go which can still be edited very well to create stunning and eye-catching photos. I think that more apps will be created like this in the Adobe suite making it easier for designing on the go.

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