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Place Your Contact Information Strategically to Improve Conversions

One of the most important reasons why online businesses lose out customers is that visitors do not know where to contact for buying a product or service. When contact information is not easily visible or accessible, the visitor may lose interest in transacting with your business.

As an experienced website design Wilmslow agency, we can tell you how placing your contact information strategically can improve conversions.

The moment someone likes something on your website, they prefer to get on with the business of contacting you to know more about it.

Here are some important tips on how to place your contact information on your business website.

What Must You Include?

When visitors come to your business website, they want to know if there is a physical address or phone number. These pieces of information are a must and you must make sure there is no spelling mistakes or errors in numerals.

If you want people to come to your business premise only during working hours, you must mention it on the website. Email addresses, contact details of important persons and links to social media platforms are also imperative.

Where Must You Place the Contact Information?

Many people are under the impression that contact information need not be in the same font size as other content. This is a wrong notion. The contact information must be clearly visible. It must also be repeated as many times as necessary. The top of the home page, in a footer at the bottom of every page, a separate contact page and also on the most visited pages of your website. The address must be clear and tidily in a block.

How Can You Offer Contact Information?

Different media formats require varied methods of giving out contact information. You can provide social media links for visitors who are interested in following your business. Click to call option for mobile phone users is a really sought-after tool in modern times.

Many businesses also include a live chat facility to help customers connect faster and directly with their expert staff.

Contact forms can also be another way to offer information. However, you need to proactively revert to visitors and customers who contact you in this manner.

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