Planning Video Ideas for Your Next Event

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then one can only guess how many a video is worth. Video more than any other medium can emote a visceral reaction; if you want potential attendees to sit up and take notice, you should be using it to promote your event.

Videos should be incorporated in some form or another before, during and after an event. Get your creativity flowing and your audience engaged with the ideas below:

Homemade video

Just because a video is homemade doesn’t mean it’s not professional. A video filmed on a smartphone and filmed in the office or at a staff member’s home can be exceptionally useful. It shows a human side to your business; it’s better to focus on making a connection with your audience via video to put a human face to your work.

Try using humour or wit within your video as it will get your message across while adding a fun element, sometimes it’s not all about business.

Live stream the event

This is a terrific way to maximise viewership because some people are not able to attend events due to geographical limitations. Live-streaming the event is the next best solution, you will capture the essence of the event. Most live-streaming tools allow viewers to share and invite friends to watch. Even when the event has ended, the live stream can be uploaded and heavily promoted as well as being used as marketing content for the next event.


Vine is an app you can use to record and edit five or six-second videos in a long loop. It’s an ideal platform for fun and interactive video campaigns. It enables you to show your work energetically; a brief video is enough to show your audience your company’s preparation for the event.

Create a vlog

Try creating a countdown vlog two weeks before the event, including a variety of topics, such as interviews with speakers or sponsors, behind the scenes preparation. This type of video is excellent to share and promote on social media; it will get potential attendees excited about the event. You could maybe even do a daily upload which you can share on your social media, they can be a minute or two long, but it shows your progress in the planning stages.


You should share videos before your event; it shows people what they can expect from your business event if they are attending along with illustrating what is to come.

Try to share videos during your event; short videos on social media will give your followers content to share with their friends and followers. It may also inspire people to leave you testimonials about your company or the event.

Share videos after your event as it can help your event live on after it has concluded. It gives attendees the chance to relive the event and a possible desire for future attendees to see what happened during past events. 

Video content can be inexpensive to create and yet it packs a big punch. You too can learn to create short, budget-friendly videos that are sure to impress your audience. Videos have become a requirement that all businesses must embrace when planning events.