What To Post On Social Media When You’re Unsure What To Post

Social media is an excellent tool to sell your services and connect with your audience but sometimes you might hit a brick wall when it comes to posting new content. Posting constantly on social media isn’t easy and it can be difficult to come up with new ideas all the time. Next time you’re stuck on what to post to your social media platforms refer back to this blog for that little helping hand.

Expert Blogs and Articles

If you are writing blogs yourself then publishing them is a great way to start! However, finding blogs and articles written by industry experts will really boost your social content. Something that you should do is subscribe to industry newsletters as a lot of the time they will add helpful blogs/articles. When you find something that relates to your business and interests you – share it! There’s nothing wrong with sharing other people’s content as long as you don’t pass it off as your own. Sharing their content will actually show you appreciate what they are publishing and will also show your customers that you’re doing your research into the industry.


Something that can relate to everyone in your social audience is a meaningful quote. This is a piece of content that can motivate and inspire your followers which might not be a promotional side to social media but can still get high engagement. Adding a more personal side to the posts is something that everyone can relate with which again makes it easier for engagement purposes.

National Days

Another fun side to social media can come in the form of National Days. Literally, every day there is something to celebrate from National Bread Day to National Bring Your Dog To Work Day! Yes, some of them may be a little silly but you can always find a couple that relates to your business or that your audience would like to see. Create a graphic, video or animation, produce a status to go alongside it and you’re off! This will definitely fill up your social media pages in a fun and creative way.


Polls are another type of content that can come in handy when you’re stuck on what to post. It is also a great way to build up some audience interaction! If you haven’t seen a poll on social media before, it works like most polls where you let the audience pick between a couple of options. With polls, you can either go down the route of a more professional feel and ask them about industry changes, latest industry news or examples of your own work or on the other hand you can produce fun polls that can relate to anyone and everyone. This might be about popular Christmas movies, different types of chocolate or even what kind of colour people prefer! No matter how you approach it, polls can offer a lot to your social media and are easy to do.

Still Stuck

Hopefully, you will have a good selection of social posts to fill in the gaps while you create some creative content of your own. However, if you still need help boosting your online presence, talk with our team today to discuss how we can create a marketing campaign that suits your business needs. Check out our website.

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