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How to Harness the True Potential of LinkedIn Marketing

The world of online marketing is continuously growing and changing. Leaving any business constantly fighting to keep up. With the right guidance, you can learn to truly harness the power of LinkedIn Marketing and utilise the potential that it could grant you and your business.

At Blue Whale Media, we understand how it can become constant frustration when you log into your account and don’t see any significant change to the way your business is being perceived by similar companies online, but by following our top tips for LinkedIn Marketing, you too can harness your full online marketing potential!

Use Keywords

Keywords aren’t just for SEO purposes! Keywords are an essential tool that you need to grasp in order to truly harness the potential of LinkedIn, as it helps your connections to find you when they need your service or products. Make sure that you create a list of keywords that relate directly to your business and include then within any posts, headings or text to help you get found by people looking for you.

This will genuinely help anyone that is looking for your business find you easily with a quick search, and because you will have keyworded your posts and profile, it will mean that you will be high up on that search.

Optimise Your Profile

LinkedIn is one of the only places online that help working professionals and businesses to connect in an easy yet professional way. Your profile, like all online social platforms, speaks a lot about you and your business.

Optimising your personal or business profile to attract potential clients or partners is an important aspect of LinkedIn and an aspect that many get wrong. Including keywords in your profile is one way to utilise the space, as well as describing in detail what your business or your talents will benefit that person. Think of it as an online CV – enticing them to keep reading and choose you for your skills.

Share Your Expertise

LinkedIn is about sharing your knowledge and expertise within your business or sector. Sharing relevant news stories, events or updates on your business shows your connections how committed you are to your trade.

Sharing a mutual understanding and passion for your industry as your connections help you to build those connections and create new ones. However, this can also become daunting when you over-think it, so try to have some fun with it too! Take a look at what other similar companies are doing and become an innovating machine.

Get Networking

Marketing on LinkedIn requires constant attention and care within each post. Regularly posting and sharing interesting and exciting updates or news stories for your connections is a great way to get your name shared around the platform.

Connect with people within your industry and even those who aren’t, utilise the platform to the best of your ability and keep yourself relevant and up to date with current trends and business news. You can endorse others, who may then endorse you right back! The opportunities are truly endless, and anything is possible with the power of LinkedIn.

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