PR and Marketing: What’s the difference? 

According to Public Relations Agency Warrington there is always a confusion of sorts when it comes to the two terminologies as used in business. The two have a great resemblance they are geared towards growing more profits. For any business to thrive the two are bound to feature strongly. The two point out to activities that affect the business greatly based on how each is fashioned in a business. Let us look at the definition of each.

Definition of the terms

According to Public Relations Agency Warrington PR refers to the activities that focus mainly on improving the reputation of a business entity to the public. This is basically positive media coverage as well as stakeholder communication. Marketing on the other hand covers general promotion and direct marketing in a bid to increase direct sales and generate profits to your business. The two tend to connect at some point. It is due to this fact that they are almost mentioned in the same breath. For your business to record good growth, you need to focus on the two with importance. The two differ in distinct areas as covered below.


According to Public Relations Agency Warrington marketing is geared towards making returns from direct sales. This is a great activity for your business. PR takes great note on the right communication the business releases to the public. It is therefore supposed to be a great communication tool able to solicit goodwill from stakeholders, clients as well as would-be investors. Though the two activities have some variation, the two are meant to increase sales. It however worth noting that one is about generating returns with the other maintaining and improving the business image to the public.

Target audience

Public Relations Agency Warrington opines that while it is the role of marketing to reach customers, the same idea is aided by maintained positive relations. The latter is made possible by public relations. Through market research, current and potential customers are roped into the business. To maintain the customer base PR has to ensure that the brand name is sold out positively across a broad audience. The main difference here is that marketing targets customers while public relation targets relationships.


Public Relations Agency Warrington believes that the goal of marketing is to convince customers and engage them through sales. This means that marketing focuses on selling goods and services. Public relations endeavours to sell the business as a brand to the stakeholders through the right communication channels. It is the effectiveness of the PR strategies employed that give the desired sales boost. The right strategy is bound to result to the desired impact.

Term of Activity

According to Public Relations Agency Warrington, marketing is geared towards producing instant tangible results regarding sales. This means that it is relatively a short term activity. Its success can be measured over a relatively short period of time. This is not the same for PR as the results are for future achievement. It is therefore a long term investment.