Preparing for Black Friday/Cyber Monday for Your eCommerce Store

Once again, the holiday season is here. This means that the biggest shopping days of the year, that is; the Good Friday and Cyber Monday are fast approaching. They are the best time for e-commerce stores to make huge sales and maximise their returns, but the big question is, how prepared are you? Have you thought of the marketing strategies you intend to use for the big days? Also, you should invest in a good marketing agency Warrington to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that everything turns out seamlessly. If you are not sure of how or where to get started with the preparations, here are a few steps to guide you.

Early preparations

Do not make the mistake of waiting until the last minute to get started with the preparations. Buyers are already in the hunt for deals. They already know what to buy and where to buy it. Make this the right time to entice them with discounts and coupons. If you can grab their attention now, the chances are that they will still be stuck with you when the D-day comes. Let a marketing agency Warrington guide you and handle the preparations for you.

Work on your site

You do not want people visiting your site and leaving before making any purchases due to slow loading and poor navigation. Nobody wishes to shop from a slow website, and it is, therefore, best that you ensure that your website is in its best state before the final day. You should hire a marketing agency Warrington and let the experts work on your site and make it top-notch so you can offer the best shopping experience for your customers. Also, consider adding more payment methods. Remember, you will have customers from all over across the globe, and the more convenient you make it for everyone, the better.

Offer generous discounts

Every buyer is looking forward to Black Friday/ Cyber Monday, hoping to get the most at the lowest prices. They will choose the highest discounts and that is why you need to ensure that your products are at least 20% discounted. Also, for you to stand out, consider offering something extra like a gift or gift card.

Incorporate cross-selling

This is the right time to improve your cross-selling game as you wait for the sales days. Cross-selling is a trick where you refer your customers to other products on your site, and with this, they will leave with more than they came for. With a marketing agency Warrington, you will have someone to do this for you and do it correctly. 

Repair broken links

This is the perfect time to check for any broken links and 4o4s and have them repaired sooner. Ensure that the pages are reviewed over and that everything is designed with the shoppers’ needs in mind. This requires the right knowledge and a marketing agency Warrington is precisely what you need.

Be SEO ready

If you have not incorporated SEO in your Black Friday/Cyber Monday marketing strategy, then you are surely missing on something. It is time to hire a marketing agency Warrington and let the experts optimize your sites and make it discoverable.

These are some of the essential tips to follow during Black Friday preparations. With a marketing agency Warrington, you can rest assured that the sales period will be a success, and you will be able to maximize your revenue. Contact Blue Whale Media on [email protected]today and let them make the preparations more manageable for you.

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